WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Joe Samba “Boomer Economy”

This rising artist, native of Massachusetts, songwriter and musician is turning heads all over the world right now from the United States to Australia. This hardworking, proud family man is ready to conquer whatever stands in his way with his multiplexity of music blends from rock, punk, reggae, funk, metal and even more! He’s got an upcoming tour with Pepper, he’ll be performing at numerous festivals this year including Reggae Rise Up, Cali Vibes, Cali Roots and more. In 2019, his debut album, The Wrong Impression, hit #1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart with over 2 million streams. He’s got grit, tenacity and loyalty to his fans and team, which in turn is the perfect storm that will shock and inspire the music industry for years to come. 

Joe Samba’s vision is to share his love for music across the globe and to connect with each and every one.

Hey Joe, thanks so much for getting with me today on your super busy schedule! Let’s talk about your first time doing music! How old were you and how did that go down? 

  • Joe: I come from a very musical family. I was raised in it. Been singing since I was a little kid. I took piano lessons, drum lessons, and learned guitar growing up. It was music from the get go!

So, you reside in New Hampshire?

  • Yes I do. It’s beautiful, but right now in a white out snow storm! And it’s not so beautiful. I kind of wish I was in Florida . 

Let’s talk about your music now. Right now you are totally igniting; it’s so exciting!  In March of 2021 you signed to LAW Records. Your tour with Pepper starts on Valentine’s Day.Cali Vibes is in February, as well.  You’re also playing California Roots in May with Stick Figure, Sublime with Rome, Collie Buddz and a whole crazy number of heavy hitters as well!  I heard you played Warped Tour when you were younger in a metal band?  Wow, you are definitely a lover of all music!

  • Yea, back in the day I played the New England Warped Tour date. I toured with my old metal band from age 16 to 20 years old. 

Your music is infused with all genres! Such a gift!

  • Yea, I don’t like being pigeonholed. I like to do my own thing, keeping it interesting and fun and different.

What music has inspired you this week so far? 

  • I’ve been listening to a lot of Soulive; a lot of funk lately. Specifically, I plan on doing my next record with Eric Krasno of Soulive. I am such a huge fan of everything he has a name on. That’s kind of why I’ve been doing a lot of my homework and listening to a lot of his old records.

Man, with your extreme mesh of talent, you could actually play any festival in the world! Like for real. 

  • That’s my goal! I want to play all of them!

Can we talk about your new video being released for the song “Boomer Economy” ? It was riveting, hard, super compelling,  and you definitely aren’t holding back. I mean, not that you ever do, but this is insane and on a whole new level!

  • It is definitely a different side. As far as visually, obviously the music itself is a lot different. We’ve got a bunch of compiled footage with my friends at Revelry Studios where I recorded my record at. I’ve done all my music videos with Tyler Ayers, who is their director. Since 2019 he’s had stock piled footage with all of my shows, and trips to Key West before I moved there. We used a lot of behind the scenes stuff and really wanted to make it fun!

With all the great stuff that is happening for you, how does this all feel? Are you soaking it up, or you like, ‘what is happening!?’

  • A lot of these festivals have been big goals of mine and seeing my name on all of them now is definitely surreal. I also feel comfortable like I am finally where I’m supposed to be. I’m going to be on this stage to prove what I can do, make people happy and stir the crowd! 

By the way, congratulations on your family!

  • Thank you! I’ve been keeping my head down, spending as much time as I can!

Can you tell us what has developed with your music more recently ? 

  • Obviously there are a bunch of different things, I’m not going to be recording until May. But I am in the process of writing stuff right now. This next record I feel is going to be a lot more mature. Having my son and my fiancé, my life has changed alot since my last record. That has definitely inspired all of this to happen and evolving into something more special with meaning and purpose. Being with LAW Records has really lit a fire under my ass !

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years? Can you only imagine? 

  • Every record, and with this new dynamic of work on the next album, it’s a whole new beast and I can only imagine what I will be putting out in a couple of years. Whatever I’m going through, and wherever I’m at, I’m constantly inspired by all of it. I don’t know where it’s going to head, but the future’s looking bright!

Is there a song that you wrote that is closest to you? 

  • My song “Love Votive.” I wrote that song for me more than anything. But also I’ve been told it’s helped a lot of people. All of my songs are from the heart but that one has a special place in my heart, personally. Smoke a joint, listen to it, and try not to cry.

I’m definitely going to engulf myself into it, and will probably cry. When you lived in Key West, did that influence your writing? 

  • It sure did! When COVID closed everything down in 2020 and in New Hampshire, Florida was wide open! I had buddies down in Key West so I decided to move down there, and then my now fiancé, Olivia moved down there with me. We have a dog “Pete”  and we started our life in Key West together. I was going through depression, and getting into my own head during that time, like a lot of people were as well. We now have our son and decided to move back up to New Hampshire to be with his cousins and have family around. 

I love to see how strong your music team is! You look like you are doing the right things and they are definitely keeping you in that great direction.

  • I have a great team! I couldn’t do it without them!

So stoked for you Joe!

  • It’s cool man. I have my manager, the label, my agent and they all back it. But they also support it. They believe in what I’m doing. At one point in my life I didn’t believe in what I was doing myself. The fact that these people want to invest this enormous amount of time and energy into me and what I am doing musically , that in turn has inspired me even more just to keep going , working as hard as I can for them; and for myself.  

I believe in you man.  So, what country is calling you to tour there? 

  • Well, Australia. My second most streamed place on my Spotify is Australia!

Sweet! Australia needs love too! What would you say to someone out there that wants to do what they love? 

  • If you want to chase something or do something you love, let all the judgement of other people push all that to the side. Stop relating yourself of what you are doing to what someone else is doing. There is zero right or wrong way of doing anything. Keep your head down, and do your fucking thing! Easier said than done.

Photo by Erik Fralick

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