WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Tuff Like Iron x Rick Haze “Street Clothes”

Tuff Like Iron and reggae hip hop artist Rick Haze pair in this world premiere of “Street Clothes”, the visualizer! Starting in a laundromat, Haze and Tuff Like Iron take this party to the streets — from “California to Miami”. Mixing elements of dub reggae with mumble rap and autotune, “Street Clothes” is special… it’ll hit all the switches of your hype mode.

Haze and Tuff Like Iron strut since they know they’re only heading one direction — to the top.

For hip hop lovers and reggae enthusiasts alike, this song will be an instant fave to your weekend playlists. Or, maybe just driving home after a long day, rolling the windows down and feeling the freedom from the work grind. With transitional effects to keep your eyes glued to the screen by Chris Chapman and The Dank Street Company, Haze and Tuff Like Iron breathe life into a song full of both “blessings” and “savage” lessons.

Be the first to watch this slammin’ new music video above before it hits public outlets tomorrow! For more information on Rick Haze or Tuff Like Iron (including what they’re up to next), hit up the social links below.

Rick Haze links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Tuff Like Iron links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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