WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Dust City Opera “Angie”

Emerging grunge-meets-indie folk band Dust City Opera debut another song off their forthcoming sophomore album Alien Summer with the video for “Angie”! Due out March 4th, the album follows the band’s first full-length Heaven in 2019 and will feature previously released tracks like “The Unkind”, “An Okay Way To Go”, “It”, “Tile or Linoleum” and “Stars”.

“Angie” is just the latest addition to an already satisfying new collection of songs.

And, the video gets even better. Produced by Sydney Counce, with footage by Ron Lach and Cottonbro, the music video for “Angie” leads DCO fans down a psychedelic path of death and transformation — themes ever-present in the band’s discography. Viewers focus on an elderly man in a forest, ill and waft as he leans on a tree trunk, who tries to find a young siren submerged in nature. The woman was filmed with a grainy filter, to symbolize nostalgia of yesteryear, like the man is reflecting back on youth and frivolity. Will he ever catch up to this fountain of youth? Well… who knows what happens in death.

Dust City Opera frontman Paul Hunton comments on the video, “It’s about a guy on his deathbed. He’s having a hallucinatory death trip. During the trip, he revisits parts of his life and walks through his memory. It’s all stripped away as he loses consciousness. He has the impression of a woman named Angie, but the memories have disappeared. He keeps looking for her, but she’s the last concrete impression to go. It’s goodbye.”

Be the first to see the world premiere of “Angie” above before it hits all digital outlets with the album March 4th! Also, be sure to pre-save Alien Summer, for this is one eclectic album you don’t want to miss.

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