Sitting down with Iya Terra

Iya Terra is a five-piece reggae, rock, and roots band from Los Angeles, California. They have recently been touring the west coast with bands such as Tribal Seeds, Inna Vision, Fortunate Youth, New Kingston, and many more and have been a part of numerous festivals in the last year like The Summer Meltdown, Reggae on […]

The Movement announces new album

We are pleased to announce the release of The Movement’s newest album titled, Golden, due out on April 8th, 2016. This will also be the first release on the Rootfire Cooperative, a not-for-profit record label that is owned and managed by artists and strongly promotes the reggae, roots, and dub genres. The Movement is currently […]

The Levitate Music and Arts Festival 2016

The line-up for the fourth annual Levitate Music and Arts Festival has just been announced and has all reggae/blues-rock/folk fans on the east coast excited for an inspiring day of great food, art, and even better music. The festival is put on each year by the Levitate foundation, which is a surf and skate shop, […]

Peter Tosh museum set to open in Jamaica

Almost the entire world is familiar with the legendary Bob Marley. However, a name that often gets overshadowed by Marley’s legacy is the extremely influential Peter Tosh. Tosh was a self-taught guitarist and keyboardist as well as a co-founder of The Wailers. He was responsible for some of The Wailer’s most popular songs such as, […]