EDM or reggae? What music is best to listen to while we work?

We all have our favorite genres of music to listen to and there are countless factors that go into influencing these preferences. Sometimes, we prefer to listen to one over the other, because of the scenario we are in at the time. For example, blasting a rock anthem that you can’t help but sing along […]

The Gambling Lessons Hidden in Music

Music has always been a way to express feelings. After all, love is a constant subject in music and famous singers have used their songs to express their passion for the most incredible things, including gambling. On a more scientific note, music can influence people’s moods, emotions and even decisions. For example, the music we […]

How to Start Experimenting with Folk Music

Folk music continues to be a mainstay in today’s musical scene. Even though it’s not as mainstream as pop or hip hop, the ethereal feel of folk and its haunting melodies can be seen in many popular songs: think Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” or Fleetwood Mac’s ever-popular folk rock song “Dreams”. Part of folk music’s […]

Well known songs that football fans have made their own

Football fans worldwide have always had a well-documented relationship with popular music. From the top leagues to the semi-professionals, die-hard supporters camped in the stands adopt famous songs as their own. Some alter the lyrics to include the name of their star striker. Others mock and ridicule the opposition while most are brought into play […]

Music Video—How to Create the Best Vibe for your New Album

Are you’re thinking of what can make your latest album popular?  A long-standing trick to make your album go viral is by releasing a music video that’s embedded with everything you need to capture your audience’s attention. However, creating a pitch-perfect music video in itself is an arduous task as you’ll have to carefully sort […]

Most popular black gay musicians

Over time, gender and sexual orientation have been attracting lots of controversies in society. Some belong to the school of thought of being who you want to be and live your normal life. Some frown on this and kick against it. This is what brought about gender and sexual discrimination in society. Because of the […]

How Brands and Bands Leverage Mobile Technology

Remember the days when a band’s music was released on a physical item, such as a CD or cassette? Back then, bands and music brands only really had three options for promotion – gigs, television and magazines. The consumer got their music fix from the pages of Smash Hits, or by switching on MTV for […]

What is Actually the Best Song About Poker?

Songs about poker make for a surprisingly common topic of conversation on music blogs around the web. The truth is, a lot of different artists in a lot of different genres have touched on poker and casino culture over the years. And as a result, it can certainly seem like there are a lot of […]

Mastering the art of the piano

There are different musical instruments, such as the guitar, keyboard, piano, violin — to mention a few. Learning to play the piano may seem like a daunting and impossible prospect. There are many different ways a newcomer can be easily introduced to play this wonderful stringed percussion instrument! Like with learning anything new, some of […]

Good, Bad, and Downright Ugly – When Sports Stars Turn to Music

Most pro athletes would be lying if they told you they had never dreamed of having a career change to pursue being a pop singer or guitar wielding rock star. Here are some occasions when sports stars made the leap, sometimes landing on their face and other times somehow faking it till they made it. […]

How to Rosin Your Viola Bow

If you’ve just recently purchased a new viola and tried playing the instrument, you might find yourself not producing a sound. This can be frustrating and you may end up quitting. However, it’s not always about you being a beginner at playing the viola. In general, most brand new violas have violin bows with unused […]