An acoustic night with Satsang at The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa

Drew McManus, lead singer of Satsang, set out on a short three-city tour in southern California, following a successful full-band winter tour promoting the new album All. Right. Now. McManus played an intimate show at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on Saturday, January 29th, 2022 and the evening was filled with a mix of fan-favorites, like “Remember Jah” and “Grow”, mixed with a little Bob Marley.

McManus had fans take over singing and release what no longer serves them during “I Am”.

The nearly sold-out crowd sang along to the newly released hits “From, and I Go” and “All. Right. Now.”. McManus surprised fans, showing up armed with an arsenal of new music he plans to record in a rural cabin immediately upon returning home to Montana. He’s a gifted storyteller, not only in his lyrics, but also candidly, sharing how he met his beautiful wife while working at a coffee shop and how he never believed she was interested in him and played a new song about their first kiss. 

Another new song that stood out was “What I Am”; McManus shared that the song was dedicated to someone that genuinely didn’t know him. It lays out so beautifully what he represents: the good and the questionable, all while honoring the humanity within. 

Fans flocked after the set to meet Drew, as he took photos, signed autographs and listened to fans sharing their stories and expressing their gratitude. I can say, for sure, with all the buzz after the show, we are all looking forward to this next album!

Photography by Jenni Lynne

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