Chris Lane brings the country to Los Angeles

Chris Lane launched his Fill Them Boots tour in January 2022, and, oh boy, can he fill them boots — and then some! Chris brings the crowd alive with his Platinum #1s “Big, Big Plans” and “Fix” and, his 2X Platinum #1s “I Don’t Know About You” and “Take Back Home Girl”. On February 2nd, Lane happened to also sing his newest release, “Stop Coming Over”, which is a song I wish a man would sing to me!! 

I find country music beloved for its relatable lyrics about life, seducing people to sing right along with the artist at shows.

Lane’s face lit up as he was watched the devoted crowd take over singing for him. Fun fact — Lane’s identical twin brother, Cory, is his bands’ drummer. It was adorable when Lane called upon his brother to sing a song; the closeness of their relationship is evident as they poked fun at each other.  

Lane’s first song of the night was “Fix”, a great song to set the tone for a very entertaining evening. The lyrics use a drug metaphor to illustrate the addiction of loving someone and wanting them to love or (as Lane sings it) wanting them to reciprocate being addicted to you. Okay, sign me up for that addiction!  

The concert opened with gifted fellow artists, the lovely Lily Rose, followed by ERNEST. Lane, Lily Rose and ERNEST were prepared and flawless in the execution of their performances. The Los Angeles country concert was performed at the long-standing and exquisite Belasco Theater. 

Lily Rose must have had two busloads of fans, because when she came onstage, a huge group scurried forward to the front.

I met Lily and her manager, Dylan McGraw of Fusion Music, who were super excited when I stated I am from Top Shelf Music. Lily Rose and McGraw said they are big fans of our website, and Rose was thrilled to take a selfie with me! They were so sweet and gave me the biggest hug as we said our goodbyes. I look forward to taking more selfies and seeing Lily Rose’s career and family takeoff! Mazel tov to Lily Rose and Daira Eamon on their engagement!

I also met the adorable Bradford Carrick, Lanes’ bassist/MD/Ableton specialist. I thought Carrick was Chris Lane, so I approached Brad, not Chris Lane, to introduce myself. He grinned as he popped open a beer and said, “I get mistaken for Chris all the time.” As I spoke with Carrick, I felt like he was an old buddy as we talked about life. He is quite an accomplished Nashville musician, who, after spending time in Los Angeles, returned to his Nashville roots where he joined Lane’s band. “Brad” and I took a selfie and departed after giving each other a big hug and well wishes. Carrick is such a wonderful young man!

ERNEST, the second artist on tour with Lane, is a name you may not recognize. However, ERNEST is associated and wrote some of the greatest songs you love! He has written many well-known songs for Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown and, of course, Chris Lane. Wow, is he talented!  

I thought mostly women would be attending Chris Lane’s Fill Them Boots Tour, but there were plenty of men who were screaming “WOO-HOO” right along with the women. The fans’ enthusiasm was obvious as they took part in singing the lyrics to Lane’s songs. You will have a “Fan”-tastic time, so get tickets to this concert and have your own sing-along, and maybe you too will be fortunate to get your own selfie!

Photography by Stacey Shorr

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10 months ago

this is great!

Stacey Shorr
10 months ago
Reply to  anna

Thank you Anna glad you enjoyed!
Stacey Shorr