BeachLife Festival 2024: Day Two

Day Two of BeachLife Festival kicked off under overcast skies that failed to dampen the spirits of the eager crowd. Despite the chillier weather compared to Day One, the festivalgoers were in high spirits, ready to immerse themselves in a diverse lineup of performances.

The Expendables got the party started at noon on the Hightide Stage, their reggae rock sound perfectly setting the tone for the day.

Their high-energy set was a welcome warm-up, enticing early arrivals to leave their cozy beach blankets and dance.

Over at the Lowtide Stage, Sun Room followed, delivering an hour of surf rock that felt like a nod to California’s storied musical past. The crowd swayed and sang along, basking in the laid-back vibes.

Chevy Metal, originally a side project of the late Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), took over the Hightide Stage at 2 PM with son Shane Hawkins taking over the kit. Their set was a nostalgia-fueled journey through rock classics, electrifying the audience. Simultaneously, Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) brought an acoustic punk ethos to the intimate pickle-drenched Speakeasy Stage (IYKYK), offering a contrasting yet equally compelling performance.

As the afternoon progressed, reggae legends Steel Pulse captivated the Lowtide Stage, their politically charged lyrics resonating deeply amidst the cool breeze. Their performance was both a celebration and a call to consciousness.

Pepper took the Hightide Stage at 4 PM, delivering a dynamic set that ended with Dustin Parks from Cydeways (who had their own set on the Riptide Stage) joined them for a rousing rendition of their hit single, “Warning.” The collaboration was a highlight, showcasing the festival’s spirit of camaraderie and musical fusion.

Santigold’s set on the Lowtide Stage was a standout, with the artist inviting everyone onstage for a jubilant conclusion.

It was a moment of pure unity, breaking down the barriers between performer and audience.

As evening descended, Local Natives took the Hightide Stage, their atmospheric indie rock perfectly complementing the twilight. Their performance was a serene prelude to the night’s headliners.

DEVO’s set on the Lowtide Stage was a visual and auditory feast. Their avant-garde new wave performance was a throwback to the ‘80s, complete with their iconic energy domes and eccentric stage antics.

The grand finale came with Incubus headlining the Hightide Stage. From the opening chords to the final encore, their performance was a masterclass in alt-rock excellence. Brandon Boyd’s vocals soared, and the band’s chemistry was palpable, leaving the crowd exhilarated.

Day Two of BeachLife Festival was a testament to the enduring power of live music to unite and uplift, regardless of the weather. With a lineup that seamlessly blended genres and eras, it was a day to remember for all in attendance– and it isn’t over yet.

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