Conan Gray serenades two nights in Nashville

You may know him from his undeniably catchy tunes “Heather” or “Maniac” from your TikTok “For You” page, but Conan Gray is much more than a TikTok song.

Conan Gray danced and sang his heart out during his two nights at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium. The acoustics are superb in the Ryman, which allowed for a beautiful gospel-like sound from the audience as they sang back to an angelic Conan.

It was definitely a special night with a room full of swooning fans in colorful, groovy attire.

The evening began with the opening act, bülow, who sang, played guitar and spun around the stage barefoot. She had her own fans in the crowd singing along to her songs and she even covered “Lost” by Frank Ocean. bülow had fans on their feet right from the start and was the perfect artist to set the tone for Conan Gray’s highly-anticipated performance.

Conan commanded the crowd immediately, as he started his performance standing on top of a large digital screen. The crowd was ecstatic for his entrance as their screams rang out. The smiles were contagious, everyone started dancing… and never stopped.

It was obvious the audience felt emotionally impacted by every word sung by Conan. He offered an intimate experience, as he shared personal stories of love and loss, and one lucky fan had the honor of being sung to by the crowd for their birthday. The night finished with his hit song “Maniac” and “Heather” as an encore.

Photography by Stephanie Swart

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