JXDN brings Tell Me About Tomorrow Tour to Los Angeles

JXDN’s Tell Me About Tomorrow Tour hit Los Angeles recently and, WOWZA, what an incredible performance! Singer-songwriter and TikToker, Jaden Hossler (familiarly, JXDN), is exceptionally talented. JXDN is Travis Barker’s protégé, so we have so much more to look forward to! 

I’m sure we can all agree, JXDN’s life changed in the Blink of a (182) eye! LOL

The concert included many hits from JXDN’s debut album Tell Me About Tomorrow, such as “Pills”, “Think About Me”, “So What” and “Better Off Dead”. JXDN also performed “Wanna Be”, which on the album features Machine Gun Kelly; at the concert, the fans were featured as they sang in place of MGK. Who doesn’t love an MGK sing-along!” JXDN also covered “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus and “The Hills” by The Weeknd.  

JXDN is such a feel-good story about social media success and more! Tell Me About Tomorrow is full of relatable lyrics, showing this rising star’s vulnerabilities and even closeted skeletons — just like the rest of us. The album is an astounding piece of work that deserves your time. It seems to me, since Machine Gun Kelly put out Tickets To My Downfall, there’s been an alt rock-pop punk-emo rap resurgence and this album definitely falls into this captivating genre.

The entertainment industry is notorious for being difficult to break into, unless of course, you are fortunate to be related to someone working in ‘the industry’. Yet, it’s not impossible. JXDN is the perfect example of possibilities, as his story illustrates how unpredictable life is and how it can change in an instant! So, for all of you aspiring artists, following your dreams and you too may see the payoff.  

As I did my research, I found JXDN’s road to popularity astonishing and was left wondering more about him!

Little is known about JXDN, leaving all of us fans craving to learn more about how he exactly catapulted into the music industry (beyond TikTok, of course). Who is JXDN? Uh, you heard it here first, JXDN is the next BIG thing! From MGK’s tour to Travis Barker signing him to DTA Records, JXDN might be new, but he’s here to stay. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. If you haven’t checked out this dude’s songs and music videos, do yourself a favor and listen to the Tell Me About Tomorrow album. Or, get to his concert if you can. You will be very surprised by his talent.

Lastly, I want to give praise and commendation to JXDN for his song “Pray”: the lyrics are painful, giving insight to the struggles of someone who is in the midst of a crisis. During the concert, the video screen behind the stage posted information for the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention hotline. If you have any concerns about yourself or someone else, do not think twice about reaching out. Never be ashamed of yourself or fearful to make the call on someone else’s behalf. There are so many tools out there and people who want to help. The organizations listed below work with helping people who are in a crisis and/or contemplating suicide, and local crisis centers provide free and confidential emotional support. For more information contact: 

The National Alliance on Mental Health: NAMI.org

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)

In July 2022, every state will have the three-digit Universal Lifeline phone number:  988

Photography by Stacey Shorr; Recap by Warren Litberg

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