Kash’d Out melts faces in St. Louis with electrifying performance

The Old Rock House in St. Louis was packed with excited fans on May 9th. Anticipation rose as attendees eagerly readied for a night of infectious rhythms. The stage was set for an extremely fun evening, kicked off by the energetic and thrilling performance by Dale and the ZDubs.

Dale and his band showed off exactly what it means to love what you do. You can tell that everyone is so thankful to be in front of an audience playing music and it shows in the band’s attitude on stage. Dale even stop to mention a mantra of theirs – “There is no one in here that we don’t have time for” – referring to the band’s preference to abandon the green room and enjoy the rest of the show out in the audience with the rest of the music fanatics. The crowd was immediately drawn in to the high-octane energy and captivating stage presence of the “ska’s not dead” group.

Their vibrant existence on stage electrified the whole venue, igniting the atmosphere and setting the momentum for an unforgettable evening.

These guys have such a dynamic sound and really make their songs engaging, even the silly ones. They proved once again to be the ideal appetizer for the main act, leaving the audience thoroughly warmed up and ready for what awaited them.

As the night continued, Kash’d Out – a reggae band hailing all the way from the sun-drenched streets of Orlando – took the stage, making their much appreciated return to the Lou, and the crowd erupted into wild cheers. In a way, the night was sort of a celebration of their new album Butter, which has been making waves and winning hearts all around the reggae-verse. Eager fans, old and new, desperately wanted to hear tracks from the album performed live and the band did not disappoint. Throughout the night, Kash’d Out flawlessly blended their new music, including the infectious beats behind songs like “Push My Luck,” and “Highway Robbery” with beloved classics, like “Always Vibin.” It created a mood that felt like pure musical euphoria. The band’s stage presence was electrifying, and they went out of their way to make sure the fans got involved.

Their genuine love for the music resonated with every note, and it really captivated everyone in the room. 

With their new album Butter continuing to perform well and the renewed opportunity to showcase their new music on this tour, Kash’d Out truly delivered a memorable performance that will be talked about long after the echoes of their tunes have faded and the ringing in our ears has stopped.

Butter by Kash’d Out is available everywhere now, along with Off The Rip, the latest full length album from Dale and the ZDubs. Only a few dates remain for this tour so be sure to get your tickets soon! 

Photography by Thomas Semonco

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