Lamb of God sets Minneapolis ablaze

The Armory in Minneapolis buzzed with energy on September 28th, 2022, as fans packed in for Lamb of God’s Omens Tour. The lineup consisted of several metal favorites, all of which frequently headline their own tours.

For each of these bands to be performing on the same bill on a non-festival tour — that’s special! 

Suicide Silence immediately got things moving, kicking off the show. Some of the biggest circle pits of the entire night came at the request of vocalist Eddie Hermida and fans went especially wild as Suicide Silence closed out their set with the iconic song “You Only Live Once”. 

Baroness took the stage next, bringing their guitar-focused heavy metal. While this is a band that was not nearly as violent as the deathcore band they followed, they exhibited the same kind of intensity in the reception of the crowd. This is a band that is talented with their instrumentation and people in the crowd were excited about it.

Killswitch Engage came onto the stage next and put on a show that was reflective of their entire discography. Their extensive set consisted of 15 songs, which featured tracks from all stages of their career. Unsurprisingly, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz stayed true to his comedic nature by wearing a shirt that read “I’m with stupid” and had an arrow pointed in the direction of stage right, seemingly at the rest of the band members.

Lamb of God then finished off the night with a bang. When frontman Randy Blythe said “let’s heat things up” after finishing their first song, he meant it literally.

Fire blasted into the air as the initial notes to their song “Walk With Me In Hell” rang out.

They continued to play their set in their typical jumping, hair-flying, head-banging fashion. By the time Lamb of God finished their set, it was apparent that their live performance is a huge component in how this legendary metal band has managed to stay relevant after decades of making music. 

Photography by Jayme Bigger

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