Nova Twins sells out 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis

English rockers Nova Twins sold out the Minneapolis date of their Supernova Tour. On October 8th, 2022, fans wrapped around the building at the 7th Street Entry, leading up to showtime in anticipation of the dynamic duo’s return to the city.

Minneapolis natives Gully Boys opened the show. Although the band’s roots are in the Twin Cities, they were by no means a ‘local band’. Their high energy and charisma were that of seasoned professionals, which left no surprise as to why they were slotted as direct support for the entirety of the Supernova Tour. The grunge power-pop band’s performance was reminiscent of The Runaways and The Veronicas, and the crowd was infatuated.

Their homecoming was especially notable for the band, as they expanded from a four-piece to a five-piece for the evening.

Their bus driver on the tour was brought on to help play guitar.

This freed up the vocalist to perform at the peak of her frontwoman glory, which allowed for some epic moments of intimacy with the fans in the front row that may not have been possible if she had been strapped to a guitar.

Nova Twins closed out the night with an incredibly thrilling performance. From their unapologetic choruses to their heavy-hitting bass lines, the urban-punk band was a force to be reckoned with. Their power could be felt in every moment of their show. This was demonstrated as they led the crowd in a chant of the lyrics “it’s my body, it’s my mind, do what I want with it” before diving into their song “Bullet”.

Nova Twins is a group of astonishingly talented musicians.

Watching as vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South use their extensive pedals and sound tools to recreate the riffs that appear on their albums is mesmerizing. This is very much a band that will be cultivating a unique experience regardless of how many times you have seen them perform. They are absolutely worth the effort to see live every time they come around.

Photography by Jayme Bigger

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