Mykal Rose brings reggae to Santa Barbara

On August 20th, Elings Park in Santa Barbara was blessed with a performance by legendary reggae artist Mykal Rose. To start off the night was Jacob Marquez and The Good Vibes, an up-and-coming local reggae band with an island reggae sound. The way they all connected with the crowd made it feel personal and authentic.

Next up was another local group, King Zero, and I was excited to see them. Lead singer Benny Ranks came out onstage with such high energy! Later on that evening, Ranks brought out one of Santa Barbara’s favorites, Rastan, who is a Jamaican-American known for singing authentic roots reggae.

Last to grace the stage was renowned Jamaican reggae artist Mykal Rose.

Seeing the crowd dance and sing their hearts out as Mykal Rose performed was a magical experience. Rose reciprocated the energy of the dancing crowed perfectly, too! If you’ve never seen Mykal Rose, I definitely recommend it! Being a legend, why wouldn’t you take the time to go see him??

Photography by Gunnar Velten

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