Rise Against’s Nowhere Generation Tour rocks St. Louis

On a scorching summer evening in St. Louis, rock legends Rise Against teamed up with punk icons Descendents, along with Scranton, PA born rock veterans, The Menzingers, to remind everyone how thankful they are that live music is back. Opening for the tour was The Menzingers, giving the crowd a head-banging array of classics, as well as showing off some of the new hits from the bands newest album, From Exile.

Up next came a band that needs no introduction…

Kicking ass and taking names since 1977, these Californian kings of punk proved yet again why they are still able to destroy stages after 44 years. Milo Aukerman’s charismatic stage presence and Stephen Egerton’s wild facial expressions are just the beginning of what this band has to offer audiences. Descendents could continue to fuel the rebels of society for years to come and they damn well might. Last, but most certainly not least, the headliner for the night, the one and only Rise Against. Promoting their new album and pushing through on the Nowhere Generation Tour, these legends of the genre had everyone’s hands up, rocking along to a perfectly executed set list of new and favorite hits. Happy to be back on the road, the band did everything they could to have St. Louis just as thankful. Rise Against’s newest album, Nowhere Generation, is available everywhere now.

Photography by Thomas Semonco

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