Reggae Rise Up – Las Vegas 2023: Day Two

A musical mirage in the desert, turned Reality hit hard in Las Vegas, a city known for its neon lights and lively entertainment. Downtown Las Vegas became the backdrop for a mellower kind of magic as the Reggae Rise Up festival took center stage for day two in Sin City. The festival started with Ocean Beach’s, Skyler Lutes on the Vibe stage and culminated into a bubbly performance by Rebelution on the Rise Up stage. 

The soulful and energetic sounds of Skyler Lutes, set the tone for a day filled with good vibes and musical enchantment. Skylar has been dealing with a foot injury through the summer and has obviously healed nicely considering the amount of energy he brought to the stage! Mike Pinto (backed by members of The Hip Abduction), serenading the crowd with melodies and heartfelt lyrics, setting the tone for what was to come.

Sin City offered the perfect environment for his hit song “Crooks”, to showcase his set and overall talents as a musician.

Claire Wright boarded a flight directly with a student pilot to bless us all with her amazing voice and heart touching lyrics. Songs such as “Heaven’s Got a Hell of a Beach“, reminds us just how precious life is and how nothing should be taken for granted, including how we embarked on our individual journeys to the desert! Pacific Dub, known for their infectious rhythms, kept the reggae spirit alive and well with songs such as, “hold me down”, that highlight what it means to stay grounded through love, even in our darkest days. 

Bikini Trill brought a lively twist to the Vibe stage, seamlessly blending reggae with pop, ensuring everyone was dancing and swaying to the beats. Cas Haley, the Texan singer-songwriter, weaved his storytelling magic through his songs, capturing the hearts of the audience as they shifted focus back to Rise Ups main stage. 

Arise Roots’s dynamic and traditional reggae sound got the crowd grooving to the deep bass lines and irresistible melodies. Nattali Rize, an artist known for her politically charged lyrics, powerful stage presence, captivated the audience, sparking both reflection and dance. Rize is the epitome of what this world needs more of and she will let you know how she feels through a megaphone! 

Shwayze added a hip hop flavor to Vegas with “Corona and Limes” that had everyone “Buzzin” to his performance, a fusion that felt fresh and original. We were all “Buzzed Off Your Love” on the Vibe Stage and fully addicted to the vibes brought in at this point. Skizzy Mars, hailing from the rap scene, brought his urban twist to the reggae canvas, further diversifying the festival’s offering and introducing new music the majority reggae fan base. 

As the day transitioned into night, Citizen Cope serenaded the crowd with his soulful melodies, creating a serene yet captivating atmosphere. SOJA, the reggae legends, continued the journey with their classic sound. Bringing forth messages of unity, positivity and an overwhelming desire to believe in yourself as we embrace our “Reason To Live”. 

The festival’s climax was reserved for the final acts, where Matisyahu and Rebelution took to the spotlight on their respective stages. 

Matisyahu (backed by the members of Cydeways), brought not only beautiful/healing energy, but also awareness to the current troubles in Jerusalem, a country he has traditional ties to. This was evident as he called to have a flag delivered to the stage from the crowd and then proudly draped across his shoulders for the duration of his set. 

Rebelution‘s signature reggae-rock fusion resonated with thousands of fans who danced, sang along, and swayed to there groove.

The lasers, bubbles and extremely diverse instrumental sounds was the perfect way to cap off a magical day of reggae/musical exploration, in the city known for glitz and glamour!

Reggae Rise Up Vegas 2023 was a testament to the power of music to unite, uplift, and transcend boundaries. The festival showcased the broad spectrum of reggae and its ability to incorporate elements of hip hop, pop, and rock, giving festival-goers a taste of the genre’s evolution. With an impressive lineup of artists and an atmosphere filled with unity, the festival left an indelible mark on all who attended. Reggae Rise Up – Las Vegas is a testament to the universal language of reggae infusion and the magic it creates in the hearts of all who listen…even in the city of Sin!

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