Rina Sawayama closes out world tour at the Hollywood Palladium

All the way from London, Rina Sawayama brought her American dates of Hold The Girl tour to an end at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

As soon as Rina entered the stage I knew I was in for an experience I’ve never seen before. She came out struttin’ her iconic look with the all denim; denim skirt, jacket and matching cowboy hat. I loved seeing fans also sporting cowboy hats.

Everything about her entrance was amazing.

The strut, the outfit and the lighting was all stellar production as it all combined together perfectly giving the fans a performance they’ll never forget. Rina displayed showmanship many artist thrive to have and she did it effortlessly. She had multiple outfit changes that I cannot count, my favorite was a red outfit with strap buckles.

However, having an incredible production is not the only thing to mark an artist a favorite. Being a genuine person is far more important. If there’s any way to be more of a fan of Rina is that she put the health of the fans first. The show was actually stopped during her song “Send My Love To John” for nearly 20 minutes as there were a few fans who passed out. Rina attempted to perform the song twice before ultimately stopping the show and had security pass out water bottles to the audience, it was a beautiful sight honestly, as most artists would continue the show regardless of what’s happening to fans. Thankfully the show continued with no negative repercussions and Rina continued with her unmatched fierceness.

The show was met to an end with her hit “This Hell” off her Hold the Girl album. There’s no doubt I will need to see Rina again, in the mean time watching her live videos as she takes the tour to Australia/New Zealand in January will have to suffice.

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