Trevor Hall sells out St. Petersburg with Gone Gone Beyond

Pulling up to Jannus Live, you could see the line go on for blocks around the building, as fans showed up early and excited to see two amazing bands for another fantastic sold-out show. You better hurry up and get your tickets in other cities: the tour just started, but it’s selling out every night! This ‘More Than Love’ spring tour is one for the books, with both bands bringing powerful soul-healing music.

You could feel the love and positive energy fill the air as Gone Gone Beyond started to play.

It was a beautiful sight to see fans packed in from the front to back of the venue, even filling the balconies — singing along and dancing as one. If you have never heard of Gone Gone Beyond, do yourself a favor and check out my favorite song called “Coast” on their new 2030 album… you can thank me later.

Trevor Hall then came out commenting on how awesome it is to have GGB — a band he is huge a fan of — open for him. The blend of the two is just a perfect match. This show was so amazing: not only was it sold out, the home-owners around Jannus tuned in on their balconies and rooftops. Trevor even called up a little boy that was riding the rail with his parents and little sister to give him a necklace off his neck. Another fan threw his ID onstage to show his name is also Trevor, requesting the song “2009”. There was crowd participation, to say the least! The entire place was singing every word back to Hall; you could just feel the healing happening in the moment. One couple even proposed in the middle of a song! It was a completely magical night of music, so don’t miss this tour. Like I said before, go get your tickets before they all sell out!

Photography by Brian “Porkchop” Nicholson

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