Senses Fail rocks Anaheim’s Chain Reaction

Senses Fail brought a special performance on October 16th at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA, playing songs fans haven’t heard in either a long time or not even at all, while making for alternative history in a unique, cozy venue. Bringing along epic performers Hot Mulligan and Yours Truly, the energy from the intimate venue could be felt from wall to wall. Moshing from front to back — complete with crowd surfing-stage dives, well received by the performers and audience members alike — brought together an experience that traveled the entire room back to the year 2003.

Yours Truly started the night with an immense energy that got the crowd up and going. Fronted by woman powerhouse Mikaila Delgado, Yours Truly jumped and kicked their way into the hearts of the showers with power felt throughout the room. The quartet hails all the way from Sydney, Australia, and consists of Delgado, guitarists Teddie Haron and Lachlan Cronin, and drummer Bradley Cronan. The band rocked out songs from their newest EP Afterglow, as well as their beloved 2018 single “High Hopes” to conclude their set.

What can only be described as one of the most epic nights in emo history…

Up next was Hot Mulligan, who humbly started their set with a quiet introduction, immediately followed with an intensity felt from your head to your toes. Frontman Nathan “Tades” Sanville used every inch of the stage, alongside guitarist/vocalist Chris Freeman, guitarist Ryan Malicsi, bassist Garrett “Sniff” Willig and drummer Brandon Blakeley. The group brought the bangers, singing many favorites along with the audience such as “Dary”, “The Soundtrack to Missing a Slam Dunk”, and “I Replied to Tyler with Three Blue Cars”. The audience gladly opened pits and accommodated crowd surfers, riding up to jam with the boys. As the set concluded, the awe of waiting for Senses Fail fell over the audience. Playing many emo favorites between sets from Underoath and Taking Back Sunday, the crowd felt an undeniable connection. Then, the music faded, the lights dimmed and the silhouettes of the guys of Senses Fail took the stage; cue the crowd going absolutely insane.

As all heard the opening drum hits and guitar riffs to “Steven”, the crowd effectively lost their shit. Screaming opening line to “Goodbye” alongside frontman James “Buddy” Nielsen, the room was filled with fans who have been longing for these moments for years. Sharing these moments on the stage was Gavin Caswell on guitars/vocals, Greg Styliades on bass, Jason Milbank on guitar and Steve Carey on drums. The guys continued to play “From the Depths of Dreams” in order, in its entirety, however the show didn’t stop there. After the conclusion of the album, a special acoustic session showcased “Family Tradition”, “Lady in a Blue Dress” and “If there is Light” that the crowd was in tears over. Followed by two encores, the band ended the night on epic highs, such as “Rum is for Drinking”, “Cant Be Saved”, “Bite to Break Skin” and their infamous cover of Suicidal Tendencies’ “Institutionalized”. What can only be described as one of the most epic nights in emo history, being there to witness such a special, intimate performance from alternative legends Senses Fail was an honor to say the least. Check out Senses Fail’s re-release of their epic LP/CD-EP From the Depths of Dreams, out now!

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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