Streetlight Manifesto brings serious ska to San Diego

Ska punk legends Streetlight Manifesto brought their upbeat, skank-pit inciting, horn-heavy performance to San Diego’s House of Blues on July 13th, with direct support from Elder Brother. Stoked to see these legends again live, it destroyed my soul when I realized that I had torn my knee — like, really messed it up. Didn’t matter, I was headed out to the show anyway.

Nothing could keep me from a good Streetlight night.

At the House of Blues, Elder Brother got the excitement going, with quick circle pits and fun riffs. The aura of the night was to go hard and hard people did. As the stage was set for Streetlight, people crammed into the front to get the best view before the madness. Of course, once the players hit the stage, all chaos then ensued. Although hurt, I still had a great time with one of my favorite bands! I highly recommend getting in the action when they stop in a town near you.

Photography by Billy Beans

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