The Interrupters step up for Flogging Molly in Pittsburgh

It’s a surprisingly beautiful day on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, PA. But the night was also a little different… aside from the usual black and gold painted on the city and its people, you could also find a collection of groups in combat boots, huge spiked mohawks and kilts lining up around Pittsburgh’s favorite music venue — Stage AE. Flogging Molly and The Interrupters are currently co-headlining their Summer 2022 tour, with incredible support from Tiger Army and The Skints (say it with an english accent and you got it). Unfortunately, due to a COVID-positive case, Flogging Molly was removed last minute from the bill until the band’s frontman Dave King can recover.

The other three acts played extended sets, as the show must go on — all wishing King good health. 

When The Skints took the stage, I knew their sound was going to be unique(ly awesome), because of the vast array of instruments all over the stage for their use. From the first riff, I was completely hooked. Frontwoman baddie Marcia Richards spent some of the set behind a keyboard setup with a microphone for her graceful vocals, but the rest was out front playing saxophone, flute, a melodica (think keyboard with a tube for vocals) and guitar. Talk about one multifaceted lady! Her vocals were like icing to the cake that was Joshua Waters Rudge on vocals (and guitar), with melodic vocal backup (and drums) from Jamie Kyriakides and rhythm from Jonathan Doyle on bass. Their style of music is self-described as “Eastern London Reggae” or “Music from Jamaica in a London Style”, but I personally prefer the term “tropical punk” as described by some. A melodic rhythm, funky beats and harmonies from heaven are the three factors I would describe as The Skints

After the audience was well warmed from an incredible performance from The Skints, Tiger Army took the stage. One thing I have always loved about Tiger Army is their consistency in sound since their start in ’96. Even though Nick 13 (guitar, vocals) is the only original member, the band’s sound has always stuck true to their punk hearts. The band gave us an array of songs throughout their six studio albums and four EPs for the true psychobilly (or rock-infused with punk) concert experience.

Fans rejoiced over the performance of smash punk anthem “F.T.W”. 

Immediately prior to The Interrupter’s taking the stage, the audience had an intense anxious silence that indicated how insane the show was about to get. Once the lights dimmed, the opening to “Take Back The Power” began with band members one by one making their appearance, and the audience got audibly louder with each one. Aimee Interrupter stormed the stage last, with the biggest entrance of them all and the show had commenced full-force. The ska punk band was obviously in their total element, as brothers Kevin (guitar, lead, backup vocals), Justin (bass, backup vocals) and Jesse (drums, backup vocals) danced the length of the stage with smiles alongside Aimee. The interactions with their beloved audience throughout the whole show attests to the band’s love of the music. Aimee even sang to a few young fans that were able to join the show in the audience; it was all the wholesomeness we needed! Although Flogging Molly was missed today, it’s safe to say The Skints, Tiger Army and The Interrupters held it down pretty good on their behalf. Don’t miss seeing these guys live!

Photography by Franny Kovacs

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