A talk with LA rock band TWIN XL

A talk with LA rock band TWIN XL

Los Angeles-based rock trio TWIN XL have been up to big things so far coming out of quarantine. As a band, you’d think that they have new music or they’re touring… well, they are doing that and THEN some! They’ve even developed their own immersive video game!

From music to multimedia, TWIN XL is climbing the ranks of rock fast.

With songs like “Slow Heart” on the rock charts (and several remixes surfacing!!), TWIN XL is one band to take note of! That said, we wanted to know more about what the band has up their sleeve, considering they’ve come so far already in such a short amount of time (formed “on a whim in 2018”, purports their band bio). Here is what the members said.

WOW, the Smallpools Remix of “Slow Heart” really ups the energy! How do you feel about the new version?

  • TXL: I love it! We are massive fans of Smallpools and they were very influential to us when we started TWIN XL. Mike is friend of mine and it meant the world they were down to create their take on ‘Slow Heart’.  

Speaking of the original track, did you really make a zombie video game for “Slow Heart”? Where can we find it?

  • We did! The game was one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to be apart. You can play it at www.slowheartgame.com.

Did it feel like you escalated to stardom overnight with such critical acclaim for your debut ‘How To Talk To Strangers’ EP?

  • Hmm… I’m not sure if it felt quite like that, but it was definitely humbling to us that our first body of work was well-received and I feel fortunate that we were able to tour on it for as long as we did. 

With your recent string of singles, can fans expect a full-length album on the horizon?

  • Absolutely. We have lots and lots of new music and that’s something we’ve been talking about internally quite a bit… I don’t want to say too much other than, yes, it’s something that’s on the horizon. 

So, what’s next for TWIN XL?

  • We spent the better part of the last year just working on new music: releasing a few singles here and there, writing more music, re-writing some of it, throwing some of it out and starting over. We’re quite particular about what we release and how we do it and it’s more important to us that we feel we are delivering the best stuff possible to our fans, even if that means taking a little more time on it.

Purchase or stream “Slow Heart (Reimagined)”

TWIN XL – “Slow Heart” official video

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