A look into Black Veil Brides’ discography & forthcoming album

A look into Black Veil Brides’ discography & forthcoming album

What do you think of when you hear ‘black veils’? Women at funerals, crying over loved ones who are no longer with them? To me, I think of probably the heaviest rock band on the planet, Black Veil Brides, fronted by Andy Biersack. They are a phenomenal band, formed in 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio bringing joy to many. Personally, this was one of the bands that I’ve listened to throughout my high school days along with Paramore and many others. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Biersack and his wife, Juliet Simms.

Andy is just so humble and kind — he really does care about his fans! When Biersack isn’t touring with Black Veil Brides, he is doing solo music going by the name Andy Black. His solo stuff is way more smooth and a nice change of pace from Black Veil Brides. It’s definitely worth checking out.

But, back to BVB. Releasing the energetic We Stitch These Wounds in 2010 was exceptionally good for a debut album. The opening intro, “The Outcasts (Call To Arms)”, is a very, very dark opening. This record is for the outcasts.

“Following our stories of love, life and never giving in — we are the Black Veil Brides,” says the singer’s father. As we get led into the opening track, we hear Andy’s energetic scream. “You kissed the lips of evil // Two months, it’s all the same // I begged for this man’s approval // Pray to die in vain,” Biersack sings. In a way, you swear it’s like hearing angels sing. Now for all you non-rockers/metalheads out there, you are in luck. The closing track “Carolyn” is definitely more on the smoother side. The second album Set The World On Fire keeps the same rock feel although expanding on what Black Veil Brides did with We Stitch These Wounds.

Over the years, the band would go on to release many more albums. My top three from them are  definitely their debut and sophomore albums, along with Wretched and Devine. Black Veil Brides also has a new album coming out this fall, titled The Phantom Tomorrow. What’s the story of this one…? We won’t know till the album comes out on October 29th. So far, the band has released these lead singles: “Scarlet Cross”, “Fields Of Bone”, “Crimson Skies” and “Torch” (which just came out this week!!), all available from this newest album for your listening pleasure on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon or whatever you stream music on. Now, go enjoy the music from this legendary band!

Purchase or stream “Torch” single:

Black Veil Brides – “Scarlet Cross”

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