Action-packed short film to feature Angelo Moore of Fishbone

Action-packed short film to feature Angelo Moore of Fishbone

Renowned videographer Jeff Pliskin, founder of Raised Fist Propaganda, has just let the world know that he is segueing back into filmmaking with the announcement of Skull Kiss, a crime-ridden, gangster-style action vignette featuring the talents of many music industry titans! Starring Peter Greene (aka Zed), one of New York City’s finest character actors Skam Dust and Fishbone frontman Angelo Moore, Skull Kiss‘ plot is one of redemption for a bar deal gone wrong, with haunting results.

Set to release in 2022, ‘Skull Kiss’ will not only feature Angelo Moore of Fishbone, but several other music heavyweights!

This might be a short movie on murder and repentance, yet the people involved are all about peace, love and reggae music. That’s right! You will spy some familiar reggae rock and alternative faces as you tune into this special action short, set to be submitted to film festivals as of next year. Without giving too much away, just keep your eyes peeled as the three protagonists brawl in the bar, back away onto the streets and beckon for forgiveness (although it might be too late!!).

Pliskin comments on the project: “The time has come to put out some cult classic films. The leap from music videos to movies is a natural progression.”

Set in the golden skull laden GoldBar of New York City, Skull Kiss is not only an attraction for film buffs, but also music lovers alike! Plus, it’s never too late to be a cameo; if you’re interested, get in touch with Pliskin via the links below.

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