Ice Nine Kills & SiriusXM celebrate 40 Years of ‘Evil Dead’

Ice Nine Kills & SiriusXM celebrate 40 Years of ‘Evil Dead’

Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills (INK) and Jose Mangin — the “Metal Ambassador” and always entertaining host of SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal and Octane channels — came together for a food drive on December 10th! The opportunity to meet Spencer and Jose, and to see cool props from INK’s videos… WOW, that was a mouthful and I am just getting started! The room was jammmmm-packed to meet these two awesome dudes. Also, a reason to celebrate — the 40th Anniversary of Evil Dead!

December 10th was a *cold California night, but that did not stop fans from coming to the Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum, located in Burbank, for the one-night INK exhibit and food fundraising event. The exhibit was hosted by Jose Mangin and SiriusXM Octane, with special guest Spencer Charnas. The extraordinary evening gave fans an up-close Q&A, as well as photo opportunities. *Okay people, COLD is relative and for us LA people, it was cold! BURRRR!!

It was sure a sight to see the line of Ice Nine Kills fans stretched around the building, as they patiently waited to enter the museum.

If horror is your thing, you will really enjoy this museum; it is jam-packed with props and signed memorabilia from classic horror movies. If you have not seen Evil Dead, you are missing out, for this movie is a staple! INK fans were also able to see some props from the latest band music videos. The fan favorite was the woman’s cut-off head from the “Assault and Battery” music video; that exquisite woman head is modeled after Spencer’s girlfriend, Nadia. Spencer Charnas, don’t you know it’s not nice to cut off Nadia’s head!? Nadia exposed the truth to me: she divulged she is just fine and the videos are a lot of fun to make! So, of course, I then put in my request to have my head cut off in the next INK video.  

The coffin prop from INK’s “Funeral Derangements” music video was also at the exhibit. The coffin was surprisingly small, very small. After seeing these props up close, it gives you an appreciation for how much work goes into making such meticulous music videos! INK fans were also able to get their hands on the newest sick INK swag and posters. SICK, SICK, SICK! As you can tell, I am a huge Ice Nine Kills fan! The merch table was filled with all sorts of items, so fans had an opportunity to make a purchase and have Spencer sign it. 

The anticipation of the evening was relieved as Mangin and Charnas spoke to the crowd of fans.

Mangin walked around the crowd, microphone in hand for the Q&A as Spencer spoke about all sorts of fascinating things, including himself, INK and the making of the music videos. Fans were full of questions and Spencer was full of answers. The exciting evening ended with Spencer autographing items and taking individual pictures with fans — COVID-compliant photos!

A big THANK YOU to Spencer Charnas, Jose Mangin and SiriusXM Octane for hosting this up-close and personal event, and to Fearless Records for the goody bags and posters. Tickets to the Ice Nine Tour are on sale now! 

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