All star conglomerate The Gama Sennin debuts with “I Kill You”

All star conglomerate The Gama Sennin debuts with “I Kill You”

The destruction of the ego can be a daunting task. It has the power to result in a mystical, transcendent experience that has monumental benefits… or, it can be a terrifying, seamlessly never-ending fever dream. A life-altering event that holds that much pure and raw energy can only be matched by Los Angeles-based rock supergroup The Gama Sennin and their debut single “I Kill You”.

This new heavy-hitting, psych-rock single is the first of a collaborative project encompassing accomplished and respected artists, with frontman Kevin McGuire leading the charge. Accompanied by mystical rock luminaries John Avila (of Oingo Boingo/Mariachi el Bronx) on bass, Adam Maples (of Earthlings?/Sea Hags) on drums, Dimitri Coats (of OFF!/Burning Brides) on guitar, Chris Caswell (of Daft Punk/The Muppets) on the keyboard and special guest Dave Catching (of Queens of the Stone Age), this mind-melting rock jam is only the introduction into this formidable journey of humility.

“I Kill You” is the first single from the group’s debut full-length album, due out this spring. 

Arriving in such an inventive and exploratory way, The Gama Sennin is at the helm of leading a new wave of rock and roll that would make its forefathers proud by relentlessly pushing the limits and ranging far beyond conventional boundaries — finding a way to make all things possible with their music. “I Kill You” is a trap door being opened beneath your feet, plunging you into this forsaken realm, the gatekeeper to the album that McGuire explains as “the journey into madness, into the darkness, into the descent that is the destruction of your ego”. 

Upon first listen, the lyrics in “I Kill You” scream misdirected anger and misguided grievances of youth towards a world that seems to be falling to pieces around us. There is a distinct depiction of the perspective of ‘Us Versus Them’ fueled by McGuire’s history following 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the 2015 attacks in Paris. However, after some introspective thinking and a slight shift in viewpoint, the rock song has evolved into an experience reminiscent of a Friday night out at a grungy dive bar, listening to some local punk band bring the house down. You know, rocking out to crunchy guitars, brutal bass riffs and old-school drums that bring to mind the likes of The Ramones, Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys, all while remembering to just live and love.

McGuire shares, “As the record grew, the song shaped up to what you hear today — an innocent start to a long journey. It isn’t about anger, wars or terrorism. In the greater context of the record, it became a song about destroying your ego. Killing that old version of yourself that no longer serves your life. It is literally the first step towards evolving out of anger and finding your immortal self.” 

Working hard to elevate the genre of kaleidoscopic psych-rock, The Gama Sennin is planning on being there every step of the way as your mind gets blown. For more information or to hear “I Kill You” today, visit the links below.

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The Gama Sennin – “I Kill You”

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