An ultimate “Showdown” with Stick Figure & Collie Buddz

An ultimate “Showdown” with Stick Figure & Collie Buddz

On July 15th, Stick Figure dropped yet another new single off of his soon-to-be released full-length album, this time teaming up with Bermudan reggae star Collie Buddz to produce “Showdown”. An epic anthem of pursuit and focus that has a rougher, more grittier feel to it than most other Stick Figure songs, “Showdown” follows previously-issued singles “Paradise” and “Way of Life”, the latter featuring Kyle McDonald of Slightly Stoopid. The track further marks the first time Stick Figure and Collie Buddz have collaborated on a single since their last hit song “Smokin’ Love” was born. Released back in — what feels like a lifetime ago — 2014, the single now has well over 150M streams across all platforms, continuing to demonstrate how Stick Figure is arguably the number one reggae artist in America.

Now, it’s time to see if this combo of reggae royalty can do it again.

I can’t help but think of the current political climate and how the state of the country these days possibly influenced this song… The music itself just feels a bit more straight and in-your-face, to me mimicking how all of the craziness has been shoved in our faces the last few years. It sounds like the drums and bass are taking centerstage on this one, with keys simply floating on top, relaying a specific message. There is just something about the way “Showdown” delivers its melody and lyrics that has me feeling like the message Stick is trying to send is one of hope. Even though society does seem tough right now, you have the strength inside to, in fact, see that this world is a dream and you can shape it into the positive and inclusive space it should be — however you want. All it takes is focus, determination and pursuit. And, above all, just be ready for a “Showdown”.

Teaming up with Collie Buddz again will undoubtedly help “Showdown” reach similar heights to “Smokin Love”; the two artists have an unmistakeable chemistry and Buddz fits perfectly into the rhythms of a Stick Figure song. It only makes sense, with Stick Figure — real name, Scott Woodruff — being one of the preeminent producers in the reggae world over the last 15+ years and Collie Buddz having graduated top of his class from my alma mater, Full Sail University, with a degree in Studio Engineering. Stick and Buddz have waited far too long to gift us with another perfect summer jam, and I couldn’t be happier that more music keeps dropping, making the anticipation for the new album that much more unbearable! 

Scott and the rest of the live version of Stick Figure (consisting of KBong on keys, Kevin Offitzer on drums, Tommy Suliman on bass, Johnny Cosmic on guitar and keys, and Will Phillips on percussion), just wrapped up an insanely impressive run of 16 straight record-setting sold-out shows in front of massive audiences all across the US. This feat included selling 15,000 tickets at Fiddler’s Amphitheater, a sold-out headlining show at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater and playing for 18,000 in Scott’s hometown at the Levitate Music Festival. Stick is spreading the news, getting everyone good and amped for this new album (that I know is going to spray a fire hose all over World on Fire) and is ready show the world, once again, why only Bob Marley has sold more records in America than Stick Figure. “Showdown” featuring Collie Buddz is live now and available for streaming everywhere. 

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Stick Figure – “Showdown”, feat. Collie Buddz

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