Slipknot returns with second single off ‘The End So Far’

Slipknot returns with second single off ‘The End So Far’

Slipknot is back with a new single from their upcoming album, The End So Far. The album will be the band’s seventh studio release and if its two lead singles are any indication of what’s to come, all Slipknot fans should be really excited. The second song off The End So Far is called “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)”… but, there’s very little singing. It should’ve been called “The Dying Song (Time To Scream)”! For the really, really, really big Slipknot fans who love Cory Taylor’s harsh vocals, you are in luck.

This song follows the same formula of “The Chapeltown Rag” — the first taste off the forthcoming LP.

Not only that, but “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)” has an insane video to accompany it! The visuals are wonderful and shiny, shown most prominently via the big sliver ‘S’ at the beginning. Yet, where my problems lie with this song is that the title is very misleading. You’d think for a song called “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)”, it would be a nice slow more melodic and mellow song… nope. Perhaps Slipknot did that on purpose. Aside from the very clean vocals in the chorus, this song has more raspy growls than any of the band’s previously released albums.

Let’s get into the good about this song, though. The band’s guitar work has stepped up a notch and when I say it’s far superior work, I mean it! This is due to Mick Thomson absolutely shredding and I’m into it. Michael Shawn Crahan (aka, Clown) looks absolutely menacing and scary in the video, too. I don’t know if Jay Weinberg got a new mask, but I love the color of it. As we proceed into this new era of Slipknot, this song that will require multiple listenings for fans.

As for the album’s title, I truly hope this isn’t ‘the end’ for Slipknot… as we all are itching for more. Plus, the band absolutely kills it live; you should definitely go see them when they start touring again. Slipknot is supposed to go on tour with Ice Nine Kills and Crown The Empire this fall, right in time for the new album to drop on September 30th. Can’t wait? Pre-order or pre-save it below! That’s it for me… stay frosty, Slipknot.

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Slipknot – “The Dying Song (Time To Sing)”

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