Anastasia Elliot emotes pure love in “London” single

Anastasia Elliot emotes pure love in “London” single

Enigmatic artist Anastasia Elliot returns with the third offering off her forthcoming LP, A Petite Mort — a concept album on life, love, loss and rebirth. Known for her colorfully curated style and appearance, Elliot pairs music with visual artistry, creating immersive experiences for her listeners both on and off the stage. Now, with the release of “London”, Elliot unveils the next chapter of her upcoming passion project, following the narrative of previously released singles “Crash Landing” and “Cigarettes & Gasoline”.

Unparalleled love comes in many forms — some more ancient than others.

Written by Anastasia Elliot, Cat Gravitt (Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson) and Gerald O’Brien (Loverboy, Martina McBride, Amanda Marshall), and produced by Elliot and Josh Crosby (Cher, Mat Kearney), “London” calls forth a love that transcends time and space. You know the type… that fabled love of your past-life; the otherworldly love that only dreams are made of. Yet, sometimes the force behind that love can border on desperation if not reciprocated from the other person.

Elliot comments, “I wanted to write a song about meeting someone and feeling like you are instantly in love with them… that you have always been in love with them and you can’t imagine a time where you haven’t been. [‘London’ is] a powerful song about soulmates and touches upon concepts of transmigration and quantum entanglement: when you are so overcome with that feeling of connection that you have no choice but to convince your soulmate to remember the love they have for you.”

Check out this emotionally-charged power ballad on all digital outlets as of today! For more information on this rising alternative star, be sure to follow Anastasia Elliot via the social platform links below.

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Anastasia Elliot – “London”

Cover photo by Derek Jones

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1 year ago

She is amazing!