Ben Barbic answers in “Life Calling” single

For singer Ben Barbic, music has always come easily with his draw to creating music since the age of five. It flows out of him as a message of celebrating success, learning from the past and looking forward to the future. He exemplifies a singer and lyricist who puts his entire soul into his songs and holds nothing back from his listeners. His honest lyrics are combined with catchy beats that make it impossible for your head not to jam along with them. Drawing from acoustic, hip hop and reggae vibes, Barbic brings these genres together in harmony and makes a completely new and original sound.

If there had to be a song to sum up a musician’s love for their work, this would be it. 

His journey to becoming the artist he is today began with contributions to bands as a vocalist and percussionist, giving him experience and confidence with performing. But, everything really began when Barbic decided to go solo in 2014, debuting multiple singles and releasing a full album, The Takeoff, in 2017. His style has earned him a substantial fan base, with over 20,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter who keep wanting more. Barbic has satisfied with more repeat-worthy singles and another album Improve the Silence in 2018. It appears Barbic is staying busy, since his newest album dropped off Rebel Sound Records, releasing “Back to You”, “Break Free” and “Throwing Shade” in the past few months. He follows up this string of jams by releasing his newest single, “Life Calling”.

If there had to be a song to sum up a musician’s love for their work, this would be it. Barbic encapsulates the life of an artist, including the ups and downs, over a punchy beat that makes your hips wanna rock back and forth. The rhythm of the music takes listeners on a trip from beginning to end. Right from the start, Barbic teases his beat and repeating echoes of “I won’t stop for anything, thing, thing” that plays a part later in the song and shows his perseverance within the music industry. His lyrical skills shine through this song and he gives an honest look at his dreams for his career. Now, Barbic is ready to step up to the plate and make these dreams come true, singing in the chorus, “What I’m doing is my life calling; I’ve been living in my dreams for so long”. At times, he speaks at a fast tempo, making it hard to truly absorb his words on the first listen, but after listening to the song on repeat a few times (which you definitely will), you will fully understand Barbic’s deep love for creating music.

But, it’s not just producing music that Barbic is interested in! He wants to rise to the top. In the beginning of the song, Barbic makes this clear by singing, “I ain’t going for no bronze or failure”. He knows success won’t come easy, which is why he is willing to put in the hard work to achieve his dreams, singing “I’m sitting with this mic in my room, until it comes out right”. Even though he has the patience to wait for his songs to be perfect in his eyes, this singer doesn’t want to wait for his time to shine, singing, “Dropping away, but getting stronger… I cannot wait longer”. Whether you find truth in Barbic’s words or you just want to jam to his funky beat, this song is sure to bring Barbic closer to his dreams.

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