Bikini Trill drops “F*cked Up” single & video, feat. BLESSED

Bikini Trill drops “F*cked Up” single & video, feat. BLESSED

Los Angeles’ own surf-pop / reggae outfit Bikini Trill has released a new self-produced single with Australian rapper BLESSED entitled “Fucked Up”, alongside an accompanying cartoon music video by animator SHOKKA. A nod to the complications of relationships, the animated video gives a colorful, visually stimulating peek into the intimacies of interacting with lovers (and friends).

Ignoring the phone, stealing kisses and getting stoned together are viewed through the lens of Simpsons-style animation by the Houston-based creator and shamelessly tells listeners it’s okay to be confused.

“Everything is fucked up // I don’t know what to do // Just keep moving forward till I come back to you.”

Lead singer Lauren ‘LJ’ Johnson’s nectar-sweet, blooming vocals inspire all the head nods, while guitarist Tony Barker Sterns’ choppy, pop-punky riffs scream mid-2000s — a wild juxtaposition against bassist Kourosh ‘Roach’ Poursalehi’s psychedelic bass lines and BLESSED’s mildly emo hip hop verses that somehow work together seamlessly to translate the neverending ode to heartbreak.

When explaining the inspiration behind the lyrics, Johnson says they were born of “feeling overwhelmed by relationships” and adds “sometimes, especially the last few years, life just feels so broken that all you can do is pick up the pieces and continue to move forward… even if you’re not ready”. She continues, “The process of faking it till you make it is ultimately where you find the answers you’re looking for. Even if you aren’t going through a breakup, everyone has experienced heartbreak in some way, shape or form. It’s okay to admit that life is fucked up and letting go of the idea that it has to be perfect 100% of the time is ultimate freedom.”

The THC Studio-produced video is an experience, flooded with a retro 70s color palette, whimsical shapes and stop-motion style animation, all the while creating the ultimate canvas for heartache and giving vivid context to the lyrics in a way that’s easy to understand. With over 100k views on YouTube in one week, the video also illustrates the importance music videos play in the successful rollout and marketing of a single.

Catch Bikini Trill live at this weekend’s Mission Bayfest — held on the waterfront of Mission Bay in San Diego! If that’s a little far to roam, “Fucked Up” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Watch the animated music video below and let us know your favorite scene in the comments!

Purchase or stream “Fucked Up” single, feat. BLESSED:

Bikini Trill – “Fucked Up”, feat. BLESSED

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1 year ago

Hell yeah! Rad video. Their live shows are dope and never disappoint.