Post Profit asks if we could be “Better Off” in new single

Post Profit asks if we could be “Better Off” in new single

Industrial rock band Post Profit returns with edgy anthem “Better Off”, laced with sociopolitical undertones and urgent calls to action. Featuring Jonathan Jourdan, the single follows Post Profit’s mid-February release of “When You Think It’s Right” off their latest full-length When You Think It’s Right It’s Always Wrong — all of which is available now.

Post Profit dives into the age old question of ‘will we ever learn’ by screaming that they’ve “lit the match” under us to do so.

Starting with a heavy prog rock sound over distorted drums, “Better Off” warns “be careful what you say now”… we are living in an era of hate and fear. Over the past year, the national pandemic has coincided with major race wars all over the world, escalating by the day and never reaching full resolution. It’s time we recognize that we are all one people — we are all human. Post profit sings our hate is caught in the soil and sea”, reaching beyond country borders and spreading like the disastrous wildfires of 2020. Yet, “what if we could learn to love”? Post Profit asks, “Would we be better off? Could we be better off?” A screaming plea leads listeners to the bridge, where a speech from Jane Elliot asserts that “we are all the product of ignorant people”. Because of this, we need to reprogram our ways of thinking against what we’ve been taught and what society has reinforced. For, “there is only one race on the face of this earth”… the human race.

For fans of 30 Seconds to Mars, Filter and Tool, this Texas-based rock band is right up your alley. Make sure to add Post Profit’s “Better Off” to your streaming playlists and check out the new lyric video for the single below. Adding visuals to the words really makes you realize the Matrix that we’re living in.

Purchase or stream “Better Off”, feat. Jonathan Jourdan:

Post Profit – “Better Off”, feat. Jonathan Jourdan

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