Did Fyre Fest 2.0 just happen on Padre Island?

Did Fyre Fest 2.0 just happen on Padre Island?

Festival cancellations this year are no big news, but that usually happens early and with great deliberation. RIP Bonnaroo 2021 (waterlogged sad face). SOL Beach Festival, on the other hand, appears to have cancelled after fans had packed the grounds, some waiting up to three hours for VIP entry. Attendees quickly discovered the festival had no power, none of the promised food and beverage, a severe shortage of staff to fill them in on what was actually going on and no actual music. It’s reported that after several hours, local police shut the event down and asked people to leave.

Thankfully, we’ve heard no reports of rogue influencers fighting for FEMA tents.

Slated to feature Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers as headliner, supported by KEVVO, DJ Young, Kyke and Axel, SOL Beach Fest was set to take place Saturday, August 28th at Isla Blanca Park on Texas’ South Padre Island. Tickets cost between $65 and $120 — outraged fans are demanding a refund and fairly so! Organizers seemed to be MIA, putting out precisely zero information before all but disappearing on social media. Cameron County Parks, who are in no way affiliated, were left to pick up the slack, purporting the official statement: “SOL Beach Fest was canceled due to unforeseen third-party equipment issues.”

Attendees reported to local media that “there was never any electricity in the venue and that the only communication they received was from a member of the organization through the public address system.” They also stated that the bar section and food trucks where nowhere to be found. Yikes. Thankfully, no cheese sandwiches were harmed in the making. #savethecheesesammy

Attendees and fans of Myke Towers have denounced the festival for extremely poor organization, blaming them for the entire fiasco. Towers hasn’t made a statement. Did you attend SOL Beach Festival (or lack thereof)? Did you manage to get a refund? Comment below!

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espy hernandez
2 years ago

I did attend, and we drove 10 hours from ETX just to see it fail. We bought 3 VIP tickets back in April and can’t form a dispute with our bank to get a refund because of how long ago it was. Also we bought one more ticket the day of. We got to the event and it was very unorganized there was a long line wrapped around the outside of the venue and people were all confused on whether it is “VIP of GA” but it was long AF. We got in and turns out VIP & GA were… Read more »

Kristy Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Kaili Rose

We agree! Do the right thing for music-lovers!

Kristy Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  espy hernandez

We’re so sorry to hear that! Hope you guys got your money back!!