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John Brown's Body

John Brown’s Body live performances are off the charts, everybody knows that. Capturing and recording the performance from a technical standpoint is an entirely different art in itself.  Not only is it necessary to factor in the environment around the stage and placement of every single microphone, but it is absolutely critical to separate the instruments, mics and even the monitors on stage in order to reduce the amount of audio “leak” thus increasing the audio quality and ability to “tweak” the levels in post production.

JBB and team seems to have mastered this craft

The term “leak” (also known in the industry as “spill”) is essentially the act of a microphone picking up a source other than the intended source (eg., the bass players microphone picking up the drummer). This occurs mostly on smaller stages where instruments are in close proximity to each other.

JBB and team seems to have mastered this craft of capturing the essence of the live performance down to every breath, guitar riff and drum beat, doing so with all the quality and vibrancy that one can only get through recording in the studio.

Rather than bore you to death on technical mumbo jumbo, we present to you some of John Brown’s Body best live audio performances.

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