Free Spring Sampler 2014 album

The incredibly talented keyboardist and melodica player from Tribal Seeds, E.N Young, is generously giving away a Spring Sampler pack from the various albums on his record label.

Formed in 2010 and currently holding an impressive list of musicians like Gonzo, Skanks Roots Project, HIRIE and Inna Vision, the record label Roots Musician Records focuses on “spreading good to the world with music,” and “spreading good” is exactly what E.N. is doing today by giving away 16 amazing tracks including the highly anticipated track “Broken” from Thrive, for absolutely free!

Head over to this link , add the album to your cart and checkout for zero dollars.

Track Listing

  1. Herbivore – Leilani Wolfgramm
  2. Broken (preview) – Thrive
  3. Give Me What – E.N Young
  4. Shacks and Shakas – Inna Vision
  5. Slow – Tribal Seeds
  6. Mentality – Gonzo (Feat E.N Young)
  7. The Soldier Skank – Animo (Feat SRP
  8. L_O_V_E – Skanks Roots Project
  9. Give Me Dub – E.N Young
  10. Smooth Operator – Gonzo
  11. Real Soon – E.N Young
  12. Wildflower – Skanks Roots Project
  13. Imagine Dub – E.N Young
  14. Stay Up – E.N Young
  15. Oh Boy – Animo
  16. Did Wrong Dub – Tribal Seeds

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