Sono Vero bringing good vibes to Pacific Beach, CA

Sono Vero had high energy, and a great sound

On Friday, March 14th in Pacific Beach, California, a band came down from Los Angeles to play at a beach club called Seven-Ten. Though the band has members that aren’t of legal drinking age, the 7-piece band was able to get on stage and bring their modern rock music to neighboring San Diego. Adding some hip-hop vocals to the music was backup singer Dan Rodriguez, and this gave Sono Vero’s music a touch of style from the Los Angeles area, as many great bands from that area feature hip-hop in their California-style music! Sono Vero had high energy, and a great sound, with their music also being well-produced by 17th Street Records. Their music bordered on popular-style rock with hip-hop and reggae influence, and their songs were about modern music life, and love. The coordination of their songs is very good, and vocals by Charlie Ueda are quite noticeable; especially in duet with Rodriguez.

Sono Vero’s setlist included such songs as “Give You The World,” “Back and Forth,” and “Leave With You.” Top Shelf Reggae also reviewed their latest EP album, Roses for the Reckless, which can be found by clicking here. For more information, visit their website or facebook page.

Sono Vero performing at the 710 Beach Club

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