Freestylers return with infectious “Happiness” single

Freestylers return with infectious “Happiness” single

UK deejay duo Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey return with the debut single off their sixth Freestylers studio album, Other Worlds. The much-anticipated LP, due out in March of 2021, is set to feature a myriad of musical guests as Freestylers meander back to their early 90s roots. For those unaware, Freestylers have made a permanent mark on the UK dance music scene since their pairing in 1996, accumulating over one million records sold to date after their breakout We Rock Hard album hit the shelves in 1998. And, we mean literally hit record store shelves… long before digital outlets existed. Now, with a 14-track release en route, Freestylers impress with the album’s premiere single, “Happiness” — just in time for the holidays.

With an obvious homage to their 90s origins, Other Worlds weaves together elements of EDM, dub, hip hop and a landslide more — a true ‘freestyle’ of expression. One song samples old-school hip hop beats overlaid with dub-heavy reggae vocals; the next proffers electronica paired to 80s pop; the next is Slightly Stoopid-esque reggae rock remixed to a drum and bass pace. From 90s scratching to 70s bass-laden funk, Freestylers covers all the bases in Other Worlds, yet none is as ecstatic-inducing as their “Happiness” single.

Anthemic and echoing, “Happiness” is the escape we’ve all longed for in 2020.

Meant originally for large-scale festival crowds, the single echoes the word “happiness” throughout the ebbing and flowing trajectory of a squealing saxophone and the sounds of hands clapping. The single is carefree, vibey… meant for the apex of your festival experience. For “happiness is when nothing’s wrong”, after all.

The single is now available on all digital outlets via Freestylers’ MAMA PIE label. It is unknown at this time when you can catch the duo performing it live although the two have featured it on their livestream performances to date. What is for sure is that we all want to mark our calendars in early Spring 2021 for Freestylers’ infectious full-length. For more information, visit the links below.

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