HIRIE celebrates “Bonfire” single with full-band livestream

HIRIE celebrates “Bonfire” single with full-band livestream

Reggae rock pop princess HIRIE (nee Trish Jetton) has assembled the whole crew together in this COVID time to celebrate the release of her latest creation, “Bonfire” — out today on all digital outlets! Known for her colorful vocal expression of real-life subject matter, HIRIE narrates how she escaped a dark place of late, turning a negative into a positive.

HIRIE’s optimism is ubiquitous throughout her discography, an outlook fans cherish most.

“Bonfire”, although melodic and upbeat in HIRIE’s signature poppy manner, holds a tinge of distaste. You can hear it in the timbre. Lo-fi dub echoes welcome the listener into this intriguing track, followed by a dancehall beat that is neither shy nor aggressive. “I was just lookin’ for the right words to say, I never needed you anyway,” HIRIE sings. Sounds like a falling out has occurred; “Bonfire” shows how it didn’t deter her in the slightest.

“‘Bonfire’ is about quieting your inner chatter, or rather, burning it so that the truth can find its way out,” HIRIE explains. “I wrote it as a ‘release’ from something that happened to me recently, which left me feeling tragically weak as an artist. ‘Bonfire’ is my way of firing back and saying ‘hey, you know what? I still got this!’ I hope what people take away from this song is that they, too, can burn down negative circumstances and rise above it all.”

Collaborating with HIRIE on the single is producer Paul Couture, best known for his work with French Montana, Shwayze and Max B. Couture states, “Normally, my favorite part of the [recording] process is actually vibing in the studio with the artist. Due to the pandemic with her in Cali and me in NYC, that obviously couldn’t happen. Trish is such a pro; it was refreshing to work with her over FaceTime and exchange ideas. All she told me was she wanted to try something new. As soon as I heard her vocal delivery over the beat, I was hyped!”

If that wasn’t enough, HIRIE has a special live performance scheduled for tonight!

Dubbed ‘Wish You Were Here’, the HIRIE livestream is set to air at 6:15pm PST on her YouTube channel, where she (and boys in tow) are planning to perform “Bonfire” for the first time live. Set your calendars and reminders to tune into this free donation-based event, kicking off your weekend in style, via the links below.

Purchase or stream “Bonfire” single:

Tune into ‘Wish You Were Here’ livestream:

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