Small Batch teases debut EP with “Southern Mash” single

Small Batch teases debut EP with “Southern Mash” single

Today marks the debut pre-order, with instant release of Small Batch’s leading single “Southern Mash”, for their upcoming EP, History Repeats. The six-track EP drops on September 29th and features some notable musicians of Marin County, California, including Slightly Stoopid drummer Ryan Moran (aka RyMo), Shawn Brown and Joe Endoso (past and current members of Iriefuse), along with longtime friend and bassist, Jordan Korach. 

With the impressive background in reggae rock, one may assume the project to be just that… but, you would be mistaken.

The project delivers hard-hitting and juicy traditional rock and roll, with some blues and a dash of funk. What an impressive mashup! In fact, “Southern Mash” proffers classic southern rock, the kind that you may hear blaring best out of stadium arena speakers. “Got a heavy hand, 3 ounces till the bottom of the bottle runs dry,” wails lead singer Endoso. Headbangers currently stuck at home rejoice.

History Repeats pays homage to true NorCal Bay Area sound, those of which the band members grew up with, further paying tribute to the bond that the members have with one another. The EP comes with the clear message that we, as a society, are bound to repeat history’s mistakes without awareness of our current actions and their effects on our future. RyMo states, “We are fortunate to hold such a strong friendship between us and, with this project being at the forefront of our minds for so long now. We can only hope that the EP brings more music with light and positivity into this world.” 

The EP embodies the energy of 90s hard rock, while grooving along to just the right elements of other neighboring genres. Small Batch effortlessly bridges the gap between the mix, all the while leaving you wanting more.

The EP is available now for pre-order via the links below and, when you purchase it, you will receive an email with an instant download across all platforms of “Southern Mash” for your immediate listening pleasure!

Pre-save or pre-order ‘History Repeats’ EP:

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