Huron John’s “Arthur” opens new avenues for the indie-pop star

Huron John’s “Arthur” opens new avenues for the indie-pop star

Fans of indie-pop, I am thrilled to announce to you that Chicago-bred creative Huron John is here with the first single, “Arthur”, off of his upcoming sophomore album, Cartoon Therapy. This young chap’s name may sound familiar to you, as he has recently graced the cover of Spotify’s Lorem playlist. Or, maybe you were let onto him when he was featured on The Line of Best Fit, Earmilk, Coup De Maine along with many more when he dropped his debut album, the highly successful Apocalypse Wow. Regardless of how or where you have heard of him, you are never going to forget him now.

Embracing the melodies Huron John lays out with “Arthur” will have you bobbing your head and tapping your foot before you know it. With this track, he is able to create a lyrical work of art depicting a “hazed-in-youth” dance floor, ready to set the party on fire. Through lyrical storytelling and captivating themes, John intends on answering the questions that were posed by his first album, closing this particular chapter of his immersive story.

2021 is expected to have big things in store and open many doors for this young, talented independent artist.

Sure to have you quickly dancing around and feeling revitalized again, “Arthur” is quite the upbeat dance track. It fills your brain with captivating hooks and infectiously bright verses that show off John’s new production style. Deciding to use a thick, 2-step drum beat paired with sunset-chorus guitars, this groovy track is just a sneak peek into the type of work he has been putting into his second project. Cartoon Therapy is striving to be a no-time-wasted reflective experience, representing the current level of hurt our society is facing contrasted with sunny indie-pop vibes.

Born John Wallace Conradi in Chicago, Huron idolized a wide range of artists growing up, such as Daft Punk, Mac Miller and The Smashing Pumpkins, using their influence to teach himself how to write songs, produce music and become a visual artist, all by the vibrant age of 21. Striving for a direct, personal connection with his audience, he inputs himself into every level of the creative process of making his art — from inception of the thought to completion of the project. From the limited world of his basement, John has been able to mix together so many different flavors of sound, providing something new and exciting for the age of the Internet music listener, amassing an astounding 12 million streams worldwide!

With its lively and invigorating sound, “Arthur” and the tracks that follow are only a sample of the life Huron John is trying to create for himself. In addition to his music, John has used his creativity to forge ahead and start blazing a path for the rest of his goals. This mindset has led to the creation of AOCA (or Always Outside Creative Arts): a label, creative house and place of mentorship for other DIY artists. The beginnings of AOCA are being seen now with John’s latest self-designed and self-published magazine Apocalypse Wow: Journal Book 1 — a goal that the mastermind hopes to have accompany every album. This year is going to create a lot of news for John — and AOCA — as he continues to put out new music in preparation for Cartoon Therapy alongside plans to expand his creative team to explore new avenues. In other words, this catchy, dreamy single “Arthur” is only the beginning. 

If you dig what you hear, make sure to tune into the single’s official music video premiere Thursday, February 11th! Set your YouTube alarms via the links below.

Purchase or stream “Arthur” single:

Huron John – “Arthur” official video

Cover photo by Chase Denton

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