Turbulence transmits new single, “Celebration of Life”

Turbulence transmits new single, “Celebration of Life”

Jamaican born reggae artist Turbulence is here to help prepare you for his forthcoming album with the new, uplifting single “Celebration of Life”. Aptly titled, the track is nothing but exactly what the name suggests — a full-on celebration of this thing we call life. Being born may be seen as a curse that none of us asked for, that we all must endure; however, that in no way delegates us to an existence of misery. While the Buddhist ideal of ‘life equals suffering’ holds true, it can also be said that life can equal joy. We are here on this earth now, so we might as well celebrate and relish being in such a beautiful world we are so lucky to inhabit. The song encourages us to be thankful for the blessings Jah has bestowed upon us. Life is a gift and should be treated as such — good or bad. 

Turbulence is prepping for a massive 2021. The Rastaman recently announced his new album The Remedy, which is planning to be dropped on June 11th through Ineffable Records. Having already set the hype train for the new album in motion a few weeks back with single “Defenders” (featuring Anthony B), Turbulence is now back to give listeners his next endowment with the powerfully inspiring “Celebration of Life”. The song couldn’t have come into our lives at a more perfect time… a time when all of us could really use some genuine uplifting of the spirit, along with a reminder to focus on all of the things in our lives that seem to be going well, as opposed to the opposite way around.

If you’re in need of having your spirit exalted by a virtuous song, “Celebration of Life” might be just what you’ve been waiting for. 

Turbulence, born Sheldon Campbell, is a self-proclaimed member of the Rastafari movement and is unequivocally fearless when it comes to expressing his views in his music and his capacity to “upset Babylon”, whether it be political or societal. Being discovered in 1999 and releasing an upwards of 20 albums, Campbell has been able to watch not only the reggae scene grow and evolve, but the world evolve as a whole. And, it has only fueled his internal fire more and more, belting out righteous lyrics delivered in a straight-from-the-heart approach. His lyrics touch on all aspects of human life and existence. Turbulence’s journey has made quite the impression on fans, both casual and dedicated. His talent, sincerity and determination serve as qualities sure to single him out from any of Jamaica’s other musical heirs; it will be those same qualities that will climb him to even greater heights in the future.

Inspired by artists such as Sizzla, Buju Banton and Bob Marley, Turbulence embraced Rastafarianism and, from that day on, ensured that everything he voices has meaning and comes from the heart. Accordingly, his collective discography has proved to be near perfect examples of the conscious, vibrant and exciting dancehall art that has audiences leaping for joy, while never abandoning the same spirit of Rastafarianism that graced many reggae classics from the days of past. Love, reverence, self-empowerment and spirituality are common themes in his work, with the core being the universal message of love, peace and unity, with songs designed to reverberate in the hearts of all people, irrespective of color or creed. Ultimately, we salute the writing of a novel chapter in music history — one that may speak to younger generations. “Celebration of Life” is now available on all digital outlets via Ineffable.

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Turbulence – “Celebration of Life”

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