Reflecting on Papa Roach & their forthcoming ‘Kill The Noise’ LP

Reflecting on Papa Roach & their forthcoming ‘Kill The Noise’ LP

If you’ve been living under a rock, Papa Roach is one of the most soul-crushing established rock bands out there. Known best for their hit “Last Resort” off of the band’s first album, Infest, Papa Roach is here to stay. It was that album released in 2000 that helped the band climb to fame, featuring other hits such as “Broken Home”, “Tight Rope” and “Revenge”.

Fronted by Jacoby Shaddix, Papa Roach is not only high-energy, but definitely a band I recommend listening to if you wanna dip your toes deep into the rock pool.

Their second album, Lovehatetragedy, keeps the same energy as their first –almost like an Infest 2.0 — with songs such as “Life Is a Bullet”, “Time and Time Again” and “Walking Through Barbed Wire”. Now, the third album, Getting Away with Murder, took everything from the first two albums and turned it up to 100, with the standout songs like “Scars”. This hard-hitting track is for sure a gym song, so get some weights and blast this song as hard as you can while you workout.

Later albums, such as 2009’s Metamorphosis, are strong too, with tracks like “Hollywood Whore”, “Days of War”, “Had Enough” and “I Almost Told You that I Loved You” although the bread and butter of Papa Roach are the modern-day albums where they throw a little bit of old-school thrown in. I’m talking albums like Crooked Teeth; let me talk about this one for a bit… Some of my favorite tracks on this record include “Help”, “My Medication”, “American Dreams”, “Born for Greatness” and, last, the song that introduced me to Machine Gun Kelly, “Sunrise Trailer Park”. This song showcases what happens when two rock greats get together: Jacoby Shaddix’s vocals accompanied by Machine Gun Kelly’s rapping make this the best rock and rap collab ever! This is the song that made me say, “Wow I have to check this Machine Gun Kelly guy out!”

But, back to Papa Roach. The song “Ricochet” has some of the best guitar work ever in the band’s career. The album Fear has some amazing hits, as well, such as “Gravity” with Maria Brink (of In This Moment). Shaddix showcases his rapping abilities on this track, which then carries over into later albums.

In summary, this band is nothing but pure talent.

The band has three new singles out right now from their untitled upcoming album: “Dying To Believe”, “Swerve” and the new title track “Kill The Noise”. I can’t wait to see what the album brings due out later this year — it’s sure to be great! Jacoby Shaddix, you are the man! The album follows the latest 20/20 full-length album, as well as 2019’s Who Do You Trust, with “The Ending” and “Renegade Music” being standout gems of the latter.

Did I mention the band has amazing acoustic work? “Kill The Noise (Acoustic)” is also out now ahead of the album. 2022 is the Year of the Roach and I can’t wait to get on this ride! Papa Roach will be embarking on the Kill The Noise Tour with Hollywood Undead and Bad Wolves later this year and I, for one, can’t wait to hear the rest of what is already shaping up to be a great album. Rock on, Papa Roach!

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Papa Roach – Kill The Noise

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