Iya Terra sees “Stars” in new single

Since their widely successful #1 Reggae Billboard album Sacred Sound, Los Angeles-based reggae band Iya Terra has been hard at work touring the country with bands such as Fortunate Youth, Stick Figure, Katchafire, The Expanders and many more, as well as continuing to create new music when they’re not out on the road. It has been a pleasure watching all the success that has come from their hard work and talent, thus far. I know firsthand that the band is especially excited to be sharing their first new music since Sacred Sound with the world with the single “Stars”, now available on all digital outlets as of today. It's a song people don't know they need. Be prepared to hit repeat; it’s one of those songs you have to listen to a couple times to really soak it all in.

“Stars” is the type of song you listen to and feel comforted knowing you are not alone in the world.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the track – I was immediately filled with emotion and inspiration! The song starts with synth keys that remind me of stars twinkling in the night sky followed by a melancholy guitar riff, setting the mood right from the start. These sounds are illuminated by the inspiring lyrics that follow. “Stars” is the type of song you listen to and feel comforted knowing you are not alone in the world. It sends reaffirming messages to not give up and to not be afraid to be yourself while leading a purposeful, beautiful life. Lead singer/guitarist, Nathan Feinstein explains, “I don’t necessarily have anything specific that I want people to take from this. The song is essentially a recollection of my experiences and feelings that I’ve had in the last couple of years in my personal life and on the road, so I think the best word that comes to mind when listening to 'Stars' is 'reflection'. In that sense, everyone is going to take away something different. All of our journeys are so different, but there are things that connect the dots between us all. Spiritual growth, fluctuating relationships, coming to terms with parts of ourselves. It’s all a journey and yours is your own. I hope that you can listen to this song and reflect on all that you’ve learned so far and all the beautiful, amazing things that are yet to come.”

This song is overflowing with powerful messages. Not only will the lyrics get you right in the feels, but the guitar solo will basically bring you to tears. I love this song because it speaks to you with much more than just the words. “Stars” has a refreshing, yet catchy sound that will leave you uplifted and also be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. We asked Nathan how the writing process happened with this song:

“I wrote this song about a year ago. I remember driving home from rehearsal one night listening to Fleetwood Mac and thinking, 'Man, I wanna write a song with this kind of feels.' I think that’s what inspired the main guitar riff and the vulnerability in the lyrics. I typically write a lot of music on my computer and this one started off totally different. Although it is also a blessing, sometimes the technological aspect of writing music can get in the way of organic creativity. I was feeling that way the day I wrote 'Stars'. I had this song waiting to come out and I just wanted to strum some chords on a guitar and write a song. Nothing crazy, no production, nothing – just songwriting. So, that’s how it started and it evolved over the next couple months. It’s funny because I felt like this was a song that I could’ve just kept writing and writing. I had about five verses for it and I liked them all, but ended up picking the three that I liked the most and putting them in the song.”

I felt a similar way as I was writing and reflecting on this song, like I could keep talking about it, but like Nathan explains, it’s one of those tracks that everyone will get a different message and inspiration from… and that’s the beautiful part, so go listen for yourself!

“Stars” is currently available on all digital outlets and was released alongside an impressive lyric video, so check it out and get your copy now! Iya Terra is just about to embark on a cross-country tour with legends Steel Pulse and Tribal Seeds along with Ziggy Marley and The Green on select shows, so check the dates below and don’t miss the band when they pass through your town! You never want to miss an Iya Terra show!

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