Izzy the Gent pushes the envelope across the music industry with Everything But The Everything

Everything But The Everything, producer and musician Izzy the Gent has also been a popular promoter in San Francisco for many years. Music is his calling, and he is destined to be more than just behind the scenes. Izzy’s involvement in the scene would be the catalyst for his music endeavors. Before launching this eclectic indie project, he decided he would do it his way, stay true to the music and stand out from the rest. Each track features a different guest singer from around the country.

Izzy the Gent | Photo by: Alise Altibre

Our perspective are enlightened through his musical journey to seek collaboration and combine the electric chemistry between himself and many different musicians. Bass player, songwriter, and producer Izzy has continued to surpass expectations with his fusion of music and the artists he choses for the music. Izzy has a dark and alluring vibe, and he allows us as the listeners to absorb his world.  

The latest EP Never Said featuring Sophia Prise, is an alluring but electrical sound that pulls though 80’s and 90’s innovative era in music. The music is timeless and original. Sophia Prise’s vocals are a rich and powerful reminiscent of Siouxie and the Banshees post-punk goth. The lyrics and sound are dark and haunting; this music will intrigue you completely. 

First tell me about your music – the origin of the music.

  • Izzy: As cheesy as it sounds. Everything comes from the heart, and I find myself chasing sounds from my childhood. I’m in unusual place where I have been involved with music most of my life but when it comes down to music production it’s like I’m an infant. It’s like someone learning how to walk again. This shooting in the dark sensibilities as I figure things out has somehow worked to my advantage.

What drew you to music?

  • What drew me to music is no different than what drives a kid to sports. Witnessing a moment whether real or manufactured (like a music video) inspires dreams and I’m a dreamer.

What influences do you draw from musically?

  • I’m a broken record with this answer but it’s Billy Idol, The Cure and Depeche Mode that embody all I want to be.

The song “Never Said” (feat. Sophia Prise) how did this come about?

  • Sophia and I have been friends for some time. When I started this project, she was one of the first people I called. I have a rule that, if we do a song together, then we should keep doing them until they stop returning my calls.

How do you create music with others?

  • I’ve learned that some people need the song to be as complete as possible to be inspired and get their creative juices flowing. Some like being part of the writing process but it always begins on bass guitar first.

What artists have you collaborated with?

  • Vocalists Tobias Hawkins and Sophia Prise were on our debut Dream EP. Our follow up EP, Rock n Roll Is a Feeling featured Luke Sweeney (SF) and Danny Lannon, they all graciously came on board. On this EP, I was fortunate to have the drummer Landon Cisneros from Spirit Mother take care of business and my good friend Andrew Gomez (NRVS LVRS) sent me wave files of Moog / Synth magic for the EP. Everyone’s contributions collectively gave me the sound I was chasing. From there, I continued to reach out to more vocalists and was lucky to have San Francisco front-woman extraordinaire Olivia Burchard sing on “Blue Sun”, San Diego artist Elder Brycen AKA Golden Plates on “In Love Again” and most recently a dual single release “A & B Sides Vol 1” with San Francisco singer/songwriter/producer Adam Brookes. We continue to add talent with bay area Stratocaster virtuoso, Capitan Walas on lead guitar. Ian Dowd who played with Fire in The Hampton’s for years is now our new guitar player. Rex Shelverton who is guides our sound as our studio producer.

Where are you from? Did this influence your music?

  • I’m originally from Mexico but I think it’s all the TV I watched growing up, that influenced our music. Like watching the infomercials of Dick Clark’s Rock N Roll era, or the soundtrack to movies like the Goonies and Top Gun. Those sounds, those memories are burned into my mind.

I would imagine your job as a music promoter helped you to grow your music, no?

  • It did by establishing contacts on all sides of the business. I knew and talked with everyone from the person putting up posters on telephone poles, other promoters, bands, clubs, bartenders, sound people, photographers, you name it.

What’s your favorite venue?

  • Locally, it’s has to be The Great American Music Hall, The Rickshaw Stop and Slims which are sadly not there anymore. There are new venues to play at and we look forward to playing on some more bills.

What’s the toughest thing about the music industry?

  • That there’s no guarantees. One must remember; we are into it for the music then the pain goes away.

How did the pandemic affect the music for you?

  • The pandemic allowed me to focus on music full time. This allowed me to improve my techniques which I learned on the fly with the Dream EP. It also freed up other musicians who would otherwise be busy on the road or focusing 100% with their own projects.

What music are you currently listening to?

  • I’ve made friends with other bands like,  I am The Unicorn Head, The Qwarks, Avresa, Molosser, O’clock Nasty, Bones In Buer and we created a playlist. It’s been a real honor to be part of this little clan that we have. Golden Plates are a part of it as well.

What can you tell us about your future music plans?

  • Keep writing, keep pushing.

What would you say to aspiring artists wanting to pursue music professionally?

  • Follow your dreams and don’t be discouraged by the numbers not arriving the way we all hope. They’ll come if you keep creating great music.

Make sure to keep your eye on Izzy and his future contributions to growing the music industry!

Izzy the Gent w/ Sophia Prise | Photo by: Alise Altibre

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