DENM was born to walk the path of music

DENM was born to walk the path of music

This young man has a whole plethora of talent that is combusting in the reggae rock music scene as we speak. Signed to Ineffable Records in 2020, collaborating with Jared Watson of Dirty Heads, showcasing on the Sugarshack pop up stage and Reggae Rise Up, collaborating with SOJA, and the list goes on and on! 

He is on his journey to becoming one of the fastest growing artists in the country.

As a singer, songwriter and producer, he embraces life in all of it’s ups and downs — keeping things real with his fans.

Currently on tour with San Diego locals Boostive and Jakob Nowell, I got to catch up with this rising star about music, life and future endeavors. Go check out his YouTube with plenty of videos, live footage and more! Get ready people: he is a rocket about to blast off! Driven is an understatement for this artist…his music will blow you away!

Presently who are the members of the band, how long have you been together? How did you create the name for your band?

  • DENM: Well really DENM is just me, and then I have some homies who rip at music come bring the songs to life live with me. Right now, I have 4 others playing with me. Benny Ranks (guitar/vocals), Cowabunga (bass), Sweet T (lead guitar) and Mikey C (drums). Top tier group of guys — haha. But the name DENM is just something that felt like me and is unique to me, I guess.

How did you meet and initiate the band or what inspired this? I heard you started as a producer. What drove you to get on the other side of the stage?

  • I’ve actually been in bands for years touring. That’s like second nature to me. Then around 2013 I started really taking my producing and songwriting more seriously. I wanted to become a weapon in the studio and on stage, creating frequencies and playing loud live. That’s the life I wanted to live so I got to work.

When did music first come into your life?

  • Watching my dad paint way back in the day like early 90s. He’d blast music, have an open bottle on the table and paint some wild stuff. So, I basically grew up with loud noise and art in my face. I grew up intrigued by music history and rockstars, all of it. I never really thought twice about it, I just kind of have always been like that, since I was a baby. Making music is the path in life that I was meant walk.

You’re about to head on tour- tell us about this! I know you have the Cali Vibes festival in February! Congrats on this! Tell us more about what’s on the horizon for you.

  • Tours going to be dope! going out with Boostive and Jakob Nowell which will be a big vibe. they both rip and bring the party so it’ll be a good time. Yeah, Cali Vibes and beyond in 2023. Lots of new music and more shows on the horizon for sure.

What artists do draw inspiration from? I love your badass collaboration with Landon McNamara, “Wild Trip” tell us about this and what inspired this

  • Yeah, I wanted to make a whole project with some homies that I love and believe in so we could just make the kind of music we wanted to and cruise, surf or skate. It’s a soundtrack to our own lifestyle. Just being inspired by the north shore and cruisin’ in the truck or whatever just wanting to have some loud tunes to blast that feel like the life we live.

How many albums have you recorded?

  • Quite a few at this point but Slum Beach Denny would be considered my debut solo album. But yeah, I’ve been producing bands and artists for about 10 years now, so I definitely have recorded some albums — haha.

Do you have a favorite venue to play?

  • Hot and sweaty ones! And Red Rocks — haha

Who is the mastermind behind the songwriting?

  • That’s me but to clarify on the Slum Beach Posse project everybody wrote their own verses, like mixtape style so that was dope to see that come to life and the energy in the room was flowing.

Very cool. What are your three favorite songs that the band has created?

  • “Wild Trip”, “Califas” and “My Wave.” I like them all though. There are details or parts of songs that I love all over the place. All the new stuff I have coming out both Slum Beach Posse and then my next solo album.

What does the future look like for the band? 

  • Just to keep working away and making music I believe in, to put it out and let the people listen and see what happens from there basically. Just going to keep making music, playing wild shows and learning lessons along the way.

Any words of inspiration for your fellow artist out there?

  • Don’t give up. If you know what you got is the real deal, then don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Keep getting better and showing up and being willing to learn and get smarter and be a better-rounded musician and entertainer. No biz like show biz.
Photo credit: Jenna Shaw
Photo Credit: Jenna Shaw

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