J.Lately releases spin-worthy “Rotate” single with Dizzy Wright

J.Lately releases  spin-worthy “Rotate” single with Dizzy Wright

The Bay Area sure knows how to raise some unique talent. Hailing from Sebastopol, by way of Oakland, emcee J.Lately separates himself from the city noise through his soulful rhythm and laidback style — both abundantly apparent in his recent collaboration “Rotate”, with West Coast Trey and Dizzy Wright.

This bouncy, inspirational summer hit has ‘repeat’ written all over it, so prime that Spotify account, sit back and straight vibe.

Disclaimer: One thing about this song you have to know is that you will be dancing to it, no matter where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re with. Shoulders will be bumping and booties will be shaking… that’s how it is with “Rotate”. The hooks hit juuuust right and that’s that on that. And, to clarify, it’s not just the beat or the lyrics — it’s the undeniable chemistry J.Lately and Dizzy share. “Me and J. doubled up, it’s a heat check.” You’re darn right, Dizzy. This isn’t the first time the two have come together; “Hydrate”, the duo’s first song, was released on J.Lately’s March 2021 album Winnebago.

“Rotate” makes me feel like they’re the homies and we’re chilling in their living room smoking a blunt, shooting the shit and figuring out how to level-up our lives. Lately says, “I take my coffee with weed and deep breaths” and I felt that in my soul, because that’s what we do in the morning. When I say ‘we’, I’m referring to every successful stoner that hustles in any way, shape or form and is constantly striving to be better. Because, that’s who this song is truly made for. “We’ve been so dedicated!” Lately proclaims with gusto. If motivation is something you’ve been lacking lately (no pun intended), throw on “Rotate” and burn one until it finds you. I promise it will. 

The acoustic guitar-heavy beat provided by West Coast Trey, combined with harmonized backup vocals, soften up J. and Dizzy’s relentlessly hard-hitting verses, all of which come together for the ultimate summertime riding-through-the-city track. You know the vibes: get ‘em on all digital music outlets and give J.Lately a follow on social media below!

Purchase or stream “Rotate” single, feat. Dizzy Wright:

J.Lately – “Rotate”, feat. Dizzy Wright

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