Stick Figure yearns for “Paradise” in new single

Stick Figure  yearns for “Paradise” in new single

Now that the waves of summer have drifted over us, reggae legend Stick Figure (nee Scott Woodruff) has returned once again with new music that is sure to have your vibes feeling right, pushing off and setting sail in the direction of your “Paradise”. This new single has ‘beach jam’ written all over it… That smooth, funky reggae groove that Stick Figure is known for just makes you want to throw on the bathing suit and run for the water. It’s a song that pushes you to keep striving for whatever makes you feel like you are truly happy inside.

No matter what goes down in your life — good or bad — let it all happen and keep striving to find that “paradise”. 

Having co-written “Paradise” with longtime friend and collaborator TJ O’Neill, Woodruff says, “of all the songs we’ve written together, this one feels especially meaningful and really embodies all the elements of why I love writing and producing music. Ultimately, we are all in search of what makes us happy and ‘finding paradise’ represents peace of mind and that special place that gives us inner happiness.” With the chaos that life has produced over the past however many months now, it seems as important as ever to not give up searching for whatever brings you that happiness. And, “Paradise” is the perfect song to have in the headphones while you do it. 

Roughly a year ago, right in the middle of all the uncertainty and unimaginable, Woodruff teamed with TJ, deciding to use the off time to be productive and set out on a mission to write an entire album’s worth of material in the course of one calendar year… a challenge that was a clear goal, something personal and enjoyable to focus on while the rest of the world figured out its shit. 

TJ puts it, “The process was a ton of fun — just focusing on writing music and jamming songs acoustically again. [It] reminded me a lot of back in the day, writing/jamming songs together just to pass the time and play for our friends here and there… I had a lot of fun working on this track with Stick and he did an amazing job bringing the song to life. It’s the first glimpse into what we’ve been cooking up for the past year, but it certainly won’t be the last.”

That’s enough to get you pretty damn excited, isn’t it? New reggae music, life resuming to normalcy, concerts coming back in full force. Stick Figure is preparing something big and if “Paradise” is where it starts, I, for one, cannot wait to see how it ends with the release of a new album! Be sure to follow all of the band’s socials to be the first to hear of new singles and the release date for the new record!

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Stick Figure – “Paradise” (Official Lyric Video)

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