Jus Goodie embraces “Changes” in new single

Jus Goodie embraces “Changes” in new single

2020 has been a rough one. No doubt about it. From lockdown to racial injustice to wildfire, quality of life for everyone has changed exponentially over the course of one year. Reggae artist Jus Goodie, resident of southern California, feels his surroundings morphing around him, yet, while others wallow in self-pity and fear, Goodie charges forth unfazed. What’s his secret weapon, you ask? Good ol’ fashioned love and appreciation.

Jus Goodie outlines optimism in “Changes”, a concept conspicuously missing in current state of affairs.

Not only that, but this uplifting track was co-produced by Eric Hirschhorn of Rebelution… which explains why it’s so sax heavy. Seriously — it’s like a saxophone explosion, with at least two harmonizing off each other right off the bat. Affirmations like “we will make it” are posited between lyrics detailing a city “on lockdown”, emphasizing how the glass can be half full if you make it. The quarantine might’ve been inconvenient, the music industry has all but ground to a halt, yet there is still creation… there is still hope. Without hope, there is nothing but despair, so don’t get consumed by extremity. Do not be alarmist. You got this. Now, relax and let the mellow vibes of Jus Goodie’s music turn the rest of your 2020 into a much more soothing soundtrack.

“Changes” is now available on all digital outlets and can be found via the links below. Don’t forget to subscribe to and follow Jus Goodie for more!

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