SWIMM assuages city sadness in “Feel Better”

SWIMM assuages city sadness in “Feel Better”

Los Angeles-based pop band SWIMM intertwines psychedelia elements with catchy melodies to render… heartfelt life lessons? You wouldn’t suspect such astuteness from a psych-pop band, yet SWIMM’s depths are far deeper than the shallow surface that surround the pop genre. After busting out two full-lengths in a single year, SWIMM made their mark in 2018 and have grown in the underground LA circuit ever since — even forming their own music festival, Love You Down! Now back in the recording studio, SWIMM illuminates the plight of an unsuspecting woman in the big bad city in their latest single, “Feel Better”.

Soft and soothing, SWIMM shares a unique take on a newcomer’s perspective of LA.

Los Angeles, like any overwhelming metropolis, can be a place of deliverance or a deep dark hole of despair where dreams go to die. For some, it’s the former. For most, the latter. Yet, SWIMM’s strong harmonized vocals over reassuring instrumentals lends an angelic touch to the sad City of Angels. A horrible experience can await a woman who isn’t street savvy.

Vocalist Chris Hess (a.k.a Cookie) comments on the sentiment:

“You hear so much about the clichés of men in Hollywood taking advantage of starry-eyed transplants that you almost think you’ll be numb or, at the least, unsurprised when you see it firsthand. But, when I witnessed it up close for the first time, it had a pretty profound effect on me. In other words, it made me sad as fuck. I became invested in the story of this woman and wanted to trace things back to the start for her… when her aspirations fueled a very courageous leap of faith. She is one of the most courageous people I know and this song is my way of reminding her of that and of the chimerical nature of chasing a dream and that despite what the manipulative fiends of this weird ass city say, it is okay to slow down and do what you need to do to feel good.”
“Of course, the only thing weirder than LA is the year 2020,” Hess continues, “which has re-contextualized everything. The song has become a makeshift mantra… it’s important to recognize when — even if only for a moment — we feel better.”

“Feel Better” is not only out on all digital platforms, it is also accompanied by a beautiful bird’s eye video. Tune in today and make sure to follow SWIMM to know about their next musical venture via the links below.

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