Blvk H3ro x Green Lion Crew release hard-hitting “Higher Heights” single

Blvk H3ro x Green Lion Crew release hard-hitting “Higher Heights” single

Jamaican singer-songwriter Blvk H3ro is back, collaborating with American producers Green Lion Crew for the first time in his latest “Higher Heights” single. The moral-meets-dancehall track encapsulates the confusion and fear of this past year perfectly, being written in H3ro’s home in 8 Mile, JA at the onset of the lockdown in March.

“I know many had to find a connection to self and a connection to a higher purpose or calling to make it through.”

H3ro continues on the new single, “Because of that, I feel we are moving to a higher heights or a higher understanding of self and the world we live in.” In retrospect, he was (and continues to be) right in his message. The gritty attitude exemplified within “Higher Heights” is something we still need to possess moving forward into the New Year while this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic still ravishes nations around the world. Urgency and action are enacted by H3ro through his use of booming 808s and militaristic grunt sounds throughout the song’s chorus, rapping his lyrics as if there isn’t enough time to sing them. Fans of Damian Marley or Kabaka Pyramid would definitely dig the result.

“Higher Heights” is now available on all digital outlets via Ineffable Records. For more on Blvk H3ro, Green Lion Crew or to hear the single for yourself, visit the links below.

Purchase or stream “Higher Heights” single:

Blvk H3ro x Green Lion Crew – “Higher Heights”

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